• -1401 DR
  • Lady Polaris approaches the sleepy city of Algid to see if it wants to be elevated to enclave status, but the people refused, preferring to keep their feet and their town firmly attached to the ground. Her second choice, Delia, located near the Gods' Legion Mountain Range, accepts her proposal and Delia is raises high above the Shadowtop trees.

    Delia is known for its druidic and elven origins, however, the city quickly assimilates into the fast-paced life typical of other enclaves. The druids and elves who founded the city soon grow disillusioned and leave for more grounded-based surroundings.

    This entry has a conflicted date. The Winds of Netheril book lists the date of Polaris' approach to the city of Algid in -1147 DR »

  • c. -859 DR
  • Lady Polaris of Netheril begins spending more of her time at her enclave, Delia. She had been a far-reaching adventurer who spent great amounts of time investigating Netheril's frontier. Her search through Netheril's frontier produced little in the way of magical research, but she became more and more charismatic with each trip into the Frontier. Many believed that she had found same mystical fountain left behind by the Creator Races of that the elves had taught her magic unknown to the Netherese. »

  • -455 DR [Year of Rebellious Streets]
  • The orc forces of the Hidden Forest strike the city of Earsome, destroying all outlying farms and villages along the way. The city gates are destroyed along with the city's mythallar, and a war rages throughout Earsome as the city burns. Only the arrival of the floating city of Delia saves Earsome from complete destruction. »