• 302 DR [Year of the Deep Bay]
  • Tavaray is abandoned as the surrounding Lizard Marsh rapidly expands, prompting a wave of migration northward along the coast and eastward up the lower Delimibiyr Vale. »

  • 516 DR [Year of the Haunting Hawk]
  • Halflings from Delimbiyr Vale and humans from Delimbiyran establish Secomber on the ruins of Hastarl, the fallen capital of Athalantar. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Flamerule 1 Two Gates' Fall (Weeping War: Campaign #12)
    A.K.A.: Clash at Warriors' Gate, Khorridan's Wake
    The Army of Darkness claims victory in this battle that sees the destruction of the Warrior's Gate (aka the public gate to the southern Delimbiyr) and a more-secretive gate to a site just outside of Evereska.

    This event lasts until Flamerule 5, 714 DR

    Major deaths include:
    Penaal Khorridan (dwarf holy warrior of Dumathoin). »

  • 882 DR [Year of the Curse]
  • Moon elf refugees from Eaerlann resettle Ardeep and rebuilt the realm. A brief alliance with the humans dwelling along the Delimbiyr and the dwarves of the Forlorn Hills founders because of lingering suspicious about the role of humans in the fall of Ascalhorn, later to be known as Hellgate Keep. This alliance is dubbed the Fallen Kingdom (the same name already given to Phalorm), much to the confusion of later historians. »

  • 960 DR [Year of the Mageling]
  • Rumors spread in Secomber of the Book of Fangs and Talons (a holy book to the god Malar).

    The secretive Malarite cult takes the tome to the Daggerford area (as reported by warrior-priests of Chauntea [in the brief time when such a form of worship was popular among the followers of the Earthmother] who scoured the Secomber area and the Delimbiyr valley upstream for many miles and found no trace of Malarites). »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Ibun Rensha of Calimshan and a group of family members lead a force of mercenary warriors and take control of Loudwater, laying claim to much of Delimbiyr Vale. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The treants of Tall Trees led by Turlang the Thoughtful seal off Hellgate Keep (now called Hellgate Dell) and begin reforesting the upper Delimbiyr.

    The Company of the Jaded Heart disappears into the ruins of Hellgate Keep. »