• -9845 DR
  • Construction begins on the Sharksbane Wall (uniting the existing tower garrisons) designed as a barrier against the sahuagin incursions, stretching between the Akanapeaks of northern Chessenta and southwesternmost Altumbel, southwest of Delthuntle by clergy of Deep Sashelas, Trishina, and Eadro. »

  • Humans settle the Wizards' Reach
  • -100 DR to 250 DR
    Jhaamdathan settlements dot Altumbel's islands, and Chessentans colonize a broad stretch of coastline from Delthuntle to Laothkund. »

  • 482 DR [Year of the Blighted Vine]
  • The northern cities of Delthuntle and Laothkund declare their independence from Unther. »

  • 678 DR [Year of the Poignant Poniard]
  • Lord Councilor Kharis Maerdrym and his hunting party, which included several humans of note, mysteriously disappear off the coast of Delthuntle during a Grand Hunt of a near-legendary greater quelzarn. Agents of Unther are suspected in the attack (as are some of Lord Maerdrym's usual political foes). »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 6 The Ship of the Gods volcano in the Alamber erupts, and priests of Geb in the Golden Forge temple within fail to prevent the eruption but mitigate the damage to Mulhorand by venting lava across the sea bed. This causes a tidal wave that swamps the Alaor and Bezantur. Mulhorand briefly seizes the Alaor.

    Soon after the Ship of the Gods erupts, a great subsea explosion shakes rooftops in Airspur and Delthuntle, and the resulting waves cause some damage to their ports.

    The volcano south of Aleaxtis rumbles and erupts, though aquatic earthquakes open fissures along the floor of the Alamber Sea and allow the volcano to expend much of its force and lava along the sea floor. The magma flow both destroys the capital of Vahaxtyl and more than half of the upper hierarchy of the sahuagin kingdom of Aleaxtis, including the king. »

  • 1463 DR [Year of the Reborn Hero]
  • Spring Equinox The fallen Companions of the Hall (Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar son of Beornegar, Catti-brie, and Regis) whose souls were taken to Mielikki's Iruladoon, are given a second chance by the goddess in order to help their friend Drizzt Do'Urden. They are reincarnated as newborns all across Faerun.

    • Bruenor Battlehammer as Reginald Roundshield (little Arr Arr), son of the captain of the guard of Citadel Felbarr, Reginald Roundshield Sr.
    • Catti-brie as a bedine girl of the Desai tribe named Ruqiah in the Anauroch desert near Shade Enclave. Her parents were Kavit and Niraj.
    • Regis as an impoverished halfling in Delthuntle, whose mother had water gensai blood. He later takes the name Spider Parrafin.


  • 1481 DR [Year of the Grinning Halfling]
  • Agents of the Assassin guildmaster Pericolo Topolino find the location of the ship wrecked Thepurl's Diamond. Pericolo, along with his daughter and the reincarnated Regis travel to the ship, where Regis is able to plunder several magic items, but also released the trapped lich Ebonsoul. Several days later, Ebonsoul appears at Pericolo's mansion in Delthuntle looking to recover his stolen items. He slays Pericolo, but Regis manages to escape and heads west.

    Spider Parrafin (Regis) disguised himself as Cordio Muffinhead in Elturgard on the Trade Way to Triel.

    Spider joins the Grinning Ponies halfling band at Boareskyr Bridge. »