• c. -34100 DR
  • Fall of Okoth
    After a century of civil strife that drove many sarrukh of Okoth to the planes, the Okoth Empire collapses.

    The clans of Sarrukh wandered the planes for millennia but never found a plane where they wished to remain for more than a generation. This nomadic existence hardens them, turning them inexorably toward evil.

    As the sarrukh of Okoth increasingly embraced their darker natures, a few dissenters, despairing of their kindred's push toward evil, broke off from the main group. They entreated Jazirian, a fragment of the World Serpent, for succor, and it responded by transforming them into couatls. A bitter war ensued, but the couatls held their own against the more numerous Okothian sarrukh until Merrshaulk, a darker fragment of the World Serpent, finally slew Jazirian. At that point, the couatls were forced to flee to Abeir-Toril, where they eventually settled in Maztica. The god Qotal embraced them as his divine minions, and they acknowledged him as Jazirian reborn.

    After the war with the couatls, the sarrukh begin to explore the Barrens of Doom and Despair, where they happened upon the khaastas. Believing these creatures to be inferior and weak reptilians, the sarrukh attempt to enslave them. Much to the invaders surprise, not only were the khaastas extremely resistant to serving, but they also had powerful demonic allies willing to aid them. Thus begins a centuries long war between the sarrukh and the khaastas, which the sarrukh eventually lose. To escape the wrath of the victorious khaastas, the sarrukh secretly return to Faerun and begin skulking around the ruins of Okoth, on the shores of the Azulduth. »

  • -30400 DR
  • The Wasting Plague
    In a conflict between the gnolls of Urgnarash and rookery of Kookrui-Shara, shamans of Yeenoghu summons marrashi - spirits of pestilence from the Barrens of Doom and Despair - to blight aearee crops and spread a wasting plague among the avians.

    The Aearee War
    An Aearee named Sieska Waewielonn of the Okwalok-Shara rookery over the shores of the Great Sea discovers the name of Pazreal, a demon lord. With the fiends aid, Sieska becomes lord of Okwalok-Shara. Soon all the rookeries of Aearee-Quor abandones the faith of Quorlin and turns to Pazreal (all except the rookery of Tiennkoo-Shara, which flees to the farthest peaks of Kara-Tur, where their descendants yet thrive today as the crow-headed race known as Tengu, they are the only branch of the Aearee-Quor who never lost their wings). Pazreal teaches the Aearee-Quor how to summon Vrocks, but at a great cost, he took from them their power of flight. The Aearee of Shara never again ride the winds, except by spell or steed.

    Sieska then wages war on the other Aeraree nations to the north and west. Aearee-Krocaa is the first to fall. Aearee-Syran, defends with the aid of fey allies, winged treants, and soarwhales against Aearee-Quor's near-endless demon vrocks and battle rocs. In the end, Mornungongbarae (possibly the first treant), who had guarded the High Forest for nearly a thousand years, rises up and brings down the Quor floating city, but at the cost of his own life. His tragic sacrifice is still sung by treant skalds today, in a saga called The Lament of Mornungongbarae. »

  • -10000 DR
  • Like their kin elsewhere, the dark elves of Narathmault are transformed into drow by the will of the Seldarine, shattering their bindings over a host of fiends who swiftly turn on their former masters. Led by Undrek of Clan Sethomiir, the drow and their minotaur servants are forced to flee Narathmault, traveling south and east into the underground caverns beneath the present-day Plateau of Thay. »

  • Middle Kingdom period of Imaskar
  • -6422 DR to -4370 DR
    This period of Imaskari begins as a rampaging krakentua razed the Imperial city of Inupras, forcing the Imaskari to abandon their ancient capital. How the demon spirits entered the city is unknown, but popular opinion placed the blame on the Cult of Demogorgon, since the krakentua first emerged from the Temple of the Gaping Maw in the city's center. The anarchy that followed split the empire into Upper and Lower Imaskar. »

  • -5000 DR
  • Survivors of House Dlardrageth, a clan of demon-blooded sun elves, flee from Arcorar to Siluvanede. »

  • -4800 DR
  • The Dlardrageths subvert several powerful Siluvanedenn sun elf houses and, by encouraging demon-elf crossbreeding, create the fey'ri. The fey'ri houses conceal their secret heritage and come to wield great power in Siluvanede. »

  • -2549 DR
  • Tired of the balor's attempts at gaining more personal power, Lolth withdraws her favor from the balor Wendonai, and the matrons follow suit. »

  • -1015 DR
  • The Nar chieftain Tharos leads his people into the Riildath and discovers the ruins of Narathmault. He and his people uncover many secrets of demonic lore, a legacy of the original Ilythiiri inhabitants, and soon abandon their gods and turn to the worship of the powers of the Abyss. »

  • -918 DR
  • Death of M'dahl of Netheril.
    M'dahl was half of a team of arcanists who experimented with controlling extraplanar creatures in the Stone Fort, a structure near the Mines of Dekanter designed through magic to contain planar creatures. His many years of first-hand research produced a collection of spells that became widely used throughout Netheril.

    M'dahl was reportedly killed when a balor tanar'ri showed up in a summoning circle. The creature broke free of the summoning circle, plowed through a wall in the Stone Fort, and escaped into Netheril's Frontier. Only a handful of fighters managed to escape. »

  • -667 DR [Year of Harrowing Legends]
  • Ayanna Orgolath submits herself to the demon lord Graz'zt and becomes pregnant with twins, Ulthas and Ulthar (the future rulers of Narfell). »

  • -633 DR [Year of Eleven Lords]
  • Belevan "the Unliving" is overthrown by the "Demon Twins", Ulthas and Ulthar. Ulthas "the Darkwing" Orgolath becomes ruler of Narfell (Nentyarch) and begins the Orgolath dynasty of Narfell. »

  • -623 DR [Year of Clipped Wings]
  • Early success by Narfell that extends the empire's reach to the northern shore of the Alamber Sea are reversed because of an ill-concieved invasion of Mulhorand (and Unther) and a surprise attack by Raumathar. In order to halt the empire's decline, legions of demons are summoned and openly march with Narfell's armies for the first time.

    Uthas "the Darkwing" Orgolath is slain during the surprise attack by Raumathar. His brother Ulthar "the Darkhorn" Orgolath succeeds his brother as Nentyarch. »

  • Having allied himself with Eltab, serving as the Hidden Layer's emissary to Faerun for several centuries, Wendonai is summoned by a Nar Demonbinder, but is soon banished by an incredibly powerful cleric of Horus-Re for 2000 years. »

  • -605 DR [Year of Lingering Nightfall]
  • Rhendar II Nhalass becomes the Arkhan of Raumathar with the death of his brother Umathar VI. Rhendar II is slain in the same year by demons sent by Narfell.

    Tharren Nhalass becomes Arkhan of Raumathar with the death of his brother Rhendar II. He is also slain in the same year by demons sent by Narfell.

    Sharath "the Doomed" Nhalass becomes the Arkhan of Raumathar with the death of his brother. He too is slain by demons sent by Narfell, and thus ends the Nhalass dynasty of Raumathar. »

  • -555 DR [Year of Furtive Magics]
  • The gnomes of Songfarla come under attack from the demon armies of Narfell. The gnomes repel the first assaults and then veil their city with powerful illusions, preventing further attacks and hiding them from the rest of Faerun. »

  • -431 DR [Year of Crowded Walks]
  • Larnaeril Darakh, "the Fiendwitch" submitts herself to the demon lord Orcus and gives birth to a half-fiend son Jesthren Darakh. »

  • -367 DR [Year of Flaming Manes]
  • Heldakar, a half-fiend son of Orcus is born in Narfell. Heldakar's mother is of Darakh line and is sacrificed to Orcus at his birth as becomes tradition. »

  • -330 DR [Year of Empty Quests]
  • The Bey of Runlatha dies near Delzoun's western border while battling the nalfeshnee Zukothoth. The Runlathan refugees fragment into loosely allied family groups and revert to a primative way of life. These groups become the precursors of the Uthgardt tribes of the modern era. »

  • -310 DR [Year of Glassharks]
  • Garthelaun "the Goreclaw" (Darakh) is born in Narfell. He is the half-fiend son of Orcus. His mother is sacrificed to the demon lord after his birth. »

  • -259 DR [Year of the Pyre]
  • Ilithkar (Darakh) is born in Narfell. He is the half-fiend son of Orcus. His mother is sacrificed to the demon lord at his birth. »

  • -160 DR [Year of the Stone Giant]
  • Rashemen is ravaged by demons and destructive spells caused by their enemy Narfell. »