• 25 DR [Year of Many Runes]
  • The church of Deneir is founded. »

  • 76 DR [Year of Windsong]
  • Death of Alaundo "the Seer". Candlekeep becomes a haven for the veneration of his prophecies and knowledge.

    His skull is stolen shortly after his death and is considered a priceless relic, venerated by the faithful of Deneir and Oghma. It becomes greatly sought after by the illithids of Oryndoll. »

  • 1321 DR [Year of Chains]
  • Construction begins on a temple to Deneir, after a battle between the Harpers and the Zhentarim levels part of the city, including a shrine to the Lord of All Glyphs and Images. Several members of Berdusk's ruling council are exposed as Zhentarim when they are found dead or captured after a the fierce battle.

    The Harpers are reorganized. Twilight Hall is founded in Berdusk as a Harper base. From this time forward, the so-called Harpers of Twilight Hall are more regimented and hierarchical in behavior and organization. Previously, Harper activates were more independent and decentralized.

    The notable Harper Cylyria Dragonbreast is recognized for her long service to the city of Berdusk. »

  • 1332 DR [Year of the Sword and Stars]
  • Eleint 7 Hansandrar Ilmeth, an archmage of Halruaa, creates the Mighty Rune of the Master, a magic "spelltome" of Deneir when the god himself appears in his dreams and instructs him on how to construct it. Hansandrar makes the rune by the granted secret process in Starspires, his remote keep among the peaks that line the Talath Pass, and goes mad in the process. Shortly afterwards priests of Deneir came to Starspires and bears Hansandrar away and care for him. »

  • 1351 DR [Year of the Crown]
  • Hansandrar Ilmeth, creator of the Mighty Rune of the Master, who had gone mad in the process, dies while under the care of fellow priests in the Deneirrath abbey at Roaringford in the winter of this year. »

  • 1353 DR [Year of the Arch]
  • The Mighty Rune of the Master, held at the Denierrath temple in Roaringford Abbey led by Revered Reader Aubrin Maltoch, is attacked by large flight of gargoyles led by something "dark-skinned" with many tentacles and bat wings.

    Deneir manifests above the abbey, and while he states that the theft was unexpected, the fate of the Runes is to travel the Realms. Deneir instructs his clergy if any one should bring the Runes to a temple of Deneir, that they are to be aided with healing if needed and aided in what way the temple can. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Deneir graces Twilight Hall in Berdusk with his presence during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Flamerule Barjin, the cleric of Talona and ally of Aballister, plans to destroy the Edificant Library using the Chaos Curse, but is killed by Cadderly Bonaduce, the Chosen of Deneir.

    Ragnor, a half-ogre from Castle Trinity, is killed by Elbereth and Cadderly Bonaduce. »

  • Eleasis The forest of Shilmista is attacked by the hordes of Castle Trinity.

    Galladel, the elven king of Shilmista, is killed during the invasion. His son, Elbereth, becomes the new king.

    The assassin Ghost of Westgate, is defeated by Cadderly Bonaduce. He is officialy defeated in a mental battle with Cadderly in some abbysal rift. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Construction ends on the Spirit Soaring, a temple dedicated to Oghma and Deneir (where resides Cadderly Bonaduce, chosen of Deneir) in the Snowflake Mountains. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Deneir writes himself into the Weave via the Metatext in an attempt to stabilize it and causes him to pass away from known existence.

    Lathander, Tyr, and Sune imprison Cyric in the Supreme Throne for 1000 years.

    The World Tree is destroyed.

    Lathander reveals himself to be Amaunator in the weeks just after the Spellplauge.

    Priests of Hanali Celanil open a portal to Arvandor near Evereska, and learn that their deity exists in Arvandor only as an avatar of Sune.

    Shar turns the Plane of Shadow into the Shadowfell. This event along with the effects of the Spellplague causes the prison of Shadraxil to weaken. The shadow dragon petitions Shar for assistance in escaping in return for his service. Shar agrees and sends her servants to the town of Winterhaven to prepare to free him. They are defeated after many years of excavations and preparations by adventurers. »