• -22900 DR
  • The elf settlement of Illefarn (present-day Ardeep and Kryptgarden Forests and parts of Dessarin Valley) is founded, and green elves join their moon elf cousins in Ardeep. »

  • -111 DR [Year of Terrible Anger]
  • The Orc Marches
    The entire North erupts as great orc hordes stream south from the Spine of the World and the Ice Mountains to lay waste to all in their path. Illusk and Gauntlgrym fall to this onslaught, and Delzoun is devastated by countless orc assaults. Most of Illusk's population manages to escape by sea or by magic and is spared. The elves of Iliyanbruen, Rilithar, Siluvanede, and Eaerlann unite to shatter the strength of the orcs and halt their rampage south into the High Forest and Dessarin Valley. »

  • 753 DR [Year of Strife]
  • The Goblin Wars
    Mirabar is overrun and plundered by goblin hordes that stream south out of the Valley of Khedrun. Their numbers are thinned by the savage ferocity of the Uthgardt tribes who battle them day and night for the better part of a season before the goblins are eventually annihilated by the Covenant-whelmed humans of the Dessarin Valley. »

  • 936 DR [Year of the Sky Riders]
  • Orcfastings War
    Battle of Burning Cliffs; Battle of Horderoute; Battle of Sarcrag; Battle of Westwood; Battle of Whirling Blades; Battle of Withered Fields
    Led by Wund, the orcs of Uruth Ukrypt streams out of the Sword Mountains and attack Nimoar's Hold, bringing an end to several small human realms clustered in the Dessarin Valley. Many refugees flee to the safety of Nimoar's Hold, and the orcs are ultimately defeated in a series of conflicts including the Battle of Whirling Blades, the Battle of Sarcrag, the Battle of Withered Fields, the Battle of Burning Cliffs, the Battle of Westwood, and the Battle of Horderoute. »

  • 942 DR [Year of the Circling Vulture]
  • Drow raiders plunder cities along the Sword Coast, enslaving many humans of the Dessarin Valley. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, which border the Ardeep Forest west of the Ruins of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned. »

  • 948 DR [Year of the Clarion Trumpet]
  • The Magister Caldauvur Maerglauthyn establishes a walled manor in the lower Dessarin Valley to train novices into wizards. These novices come to be known as "the Schooled". »

  • 1076 DR [Year of the Defiant Salute]
  • Waterdeep is attacked by the Tethyrian Black Boar tribe of the Dessarin, led by Nalethra of the Winged Spear. After being repelled from the city's walls, the princess and her bodyguard slay thrice their number of Waterdavian fighters before they fall. »

  • 1211 DR [Year of the Crimson Crag]
  • Raulothim, the Silent Shadow, is known to have been seen overhead at a minor battle somewhere in the Dessarin Valley. »

  • 1491 DR [Year of the Scarlet Witch]
  • The latest incarnation of the Cult of Elemental Evil rises as a union of four cults when the prophets, the moon elf Aerisi Kalinoth, leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred; the tiefling Vanifer, leader of the Cult of the Eternal Flame; the medusa Marlos Urnrayle, leader of the Cult of the Black Earth; and the human Gar Shatterkeel, leader of the Cult of the Crushing Wave, take possession of the elemental weapons, the spear Windvane, the dagger Tinderstrike, the warpick Ironfang, and the trident Drown, form the Fane of the Eye located beneath the ruins of the ancient dwarven fortress-city of Tyar-Besil in the Sumber Hills of the Dessarin Valley in order to summon the Princes of Elemental Evil. The cultists are driven from Tyar-Besil and dwarves slowly begin to reclaim the city.

    A Black Earth priest named Larrakh came to Red Larch to steer a cultist group called the Believers toward the worship of elemental earth. The cultists planned to use the Believers to conquer the village at the right time. That same year, under secret suggestions from Larrakh, three Believers (Ilmeth Waelvur, Marlandro Gaelkur, and Albaeri Mellikho) killed some people in order to protect the secret of the Believers. This backfired on them, as soon some adventurers came to investigated and uncovered the Believers. The folk of Red Larch were shocked to learn that many of their most respected fellow citizens were part of a secret cabal.

    Oreioth, a human necromancer from a noble family in Baldur's Gate is discovered practicing his dark art in Lance Rock, having taken the title "Lord of Lance Rock". Oreioth is killed by adventurers.

    The other citizens of Red Larch shunned the Believers over subsequent months, and the Believers turned against one another. Many retreated into seclusion, and some left the town.

    After months of operating in secret, the Cult of Crushing Earth attacks a delegation from the city of Mirabar bound for Waterdeep, attracting the attention of the Lords' Alliance, as well as the Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, and even the Zhentarim, all who send agents into the Dessarin Valley.

    After the cults of Elemental Evil slip dozens of devastation orbs into Mulmaster, the city's harbor is destroyed when one is successfully detonated in the sewers, despite running battles between cultists and agents of the Five factions that resulted in the rest being prevented from doing significant damage.

    Aerisi Kalinoth, Marlos Urnrayle, Vanifer, and Gar Shatterkeel are killed by adventurers, destroying the Cult of Elemental Evil as their followers scatter and go into hiding. »