• -7800 DR
  • The Great Arrival
    The noble djinni lord Calim arrives in Faerun by the Djen, an entourage of genies and their human and halfling slaves. The djinni lord quickly seizes all the lands south and west of the Marching Mountains and founds the Calim Empire on the present-day site of Calimport. »

  • -7687 DR
  • The Steam Clashes
    Ajhuu, a greater marid, breaks away and establishes a realm within Calim's lands while the noble djinni is away. On Calim's return, the Steam Clashes begin between them. This conflict leads to the creation of the Maridflow and Hajiuar's Falls (present-day Azure Falls) in the Alimir Mountains. »

  • -7684 DR
  • End of the Steam Clahses / The Shattering
    With this event, the Steam Clashes end and Ajhuu and his rebels are destroyed by Calim. The coastline between the mouth of the River of Ice and the southern tip of the Alimir Mountain range is forever changed, and the Spider Swamp comes into being. »

  • 1450 DR [Year of Holy Thunder]
  • The Second Era of Skyfire comes to a close in Calimshan as the efreet Memnon and the djinn Calim mysteriously vanish, presumably to their home plane. »