• -5000 DR
  • Survivors of House Dlardrageth, a clan of demon-blooded sun elves, flee from Arcorar to Siluvanede. »

  • -4800 DR
  • The Dlardrageths subvert several powerful Siluvanedenn sun elf houses and, by encouraging demon-elf crossbreeding, create the fey'ri. The fey'ri houses conceal their secret heritage and come to wield great power in Siluvanede. »

  • Seven Citadel's War
  • c. -4500 DR to -4300 DR
    High mages from Arcorar track House Dlardrageth to a secret lair beneath Ascal's Horn. With the aid of Eaerlanni forces, they slay several of the Dlardrageths. Other Siluvanedenn houses under Dlardrageth influence retaliate, beginning the Seven Citadels' War. Sarya Dlardrageth and her sons are captured, but the fey'ri-led Siluvanedenn fight on.
    These Skirmishes between the elite forces of Siluvanede and the fledgling forces of Eaerlann are sometimes collectively referred to as the Sixth Crown War. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • A group of Harpers infiltrate Hellgate Keep using cloaking magic and reveal that Tanta Hagara is actually an annis hag. This revelation does not hamper the Blue Bear's respect for their chieftain. Hellgate Keep begins attacking caravans en route to Sundabar, and a few expeditionary forces of demons (tanar'ri) are sent to harass the Citadel of the Mists, Sundabar, and Silverymoon.

    Alustriel is able to defend Silverymoon with her magic, and the Gem of the North suffers no damage. Similarly, the Mistmaster of the Citadel of the Mist defends his home (with the help of treants of the High Forest). Sundabar however suffers greatly as the fiends break through the walls and ravaged though the city streets. Helm Dwarfriend leads a large contingent of the city guard to drive the fiends from Sundabar. They are successful, but the fiends leave the city burning. The city is extinguished in two days and repairs begin.

    In mid Eleasias, Turlang, lord of the treants of the High Forest begins actively defending the Citadel of the Mist. Tanta sends her forces of fiends and Blue Bear barbarians to attack the Citadel of the Mist. At the same time, the Mistmaster sends two Harpers, the bard Cryshana Fireglen and a priest of Mystra known as Spellviper. They carry with them two pieces of the Gatekeeper's Crystal artifact. The two Harpers volunteers for the suicide mission, and when the Mistmaster activated the artifact, a blazing beam of purple energy illuminated the skies over the keep, the magical wards surrounding Hellgate Keep to collapse and destroy everything in the area, including Tantra Hagara and the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe. This also frees the surviving daemonfey of House Dlardrageth from their millennia imprisonment, including Sarya Dlardrageth.

    The attacking force from Hellgate Keep, unsure of what happened or what to do next, are attacked by treants, and fae (korred, centaurs, satyrs, dryads). While the forces of Hellgate Keep were defeated, Fauarel Blackhammer, the lord protector of Triboar falls in battle. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Alturiak 16 After gathering the final piece of the artifact, Sarya Dlardrageth uses the Gatekeeper crystal to free the fey'ri imprisoned within the Nameless Dungeon. »

  • Alturiak 17 Daelegoth leads an elite company of the Brotherhood of the Eternal Sun in a surprise attack against an encampment of shades exploring the ruined city of Karse in the depths of the High Forest. At the same time, House Dlardrageth also attacks the Shades. The shades suffer severe casualties, and Prince Brennus Tanthul is gravely injured and forced to flee. »

  • Tarsakh 12 In the wake of a failed assault on Evereska, the half-fiend gold elves of House Dlardrageth returns to Myth Drannor, accompanied by a legion of fey'ri liberated from the Nameless Dungeon. »

  • Mirtul 6 House Dlardrageth's legion destroy the Morninglord's temple in Myth Drannor, killing most of the clerics, although a few escape through a portal. »

  • Mirtul 13 Lady Sarya Dlardrageth, matron of House Dlardrageth, summons Malkizid, an exiled archdevil, to Myth Drannor. »

  • Mirtul 24 Lord Seiveril Miritar of Elion, leader of the Crusade from Evermeet that rescued Evereska, convenes a Council of War in the ruins of Myth Glaurach. The commanders of the Crusade agree to travel by way of the portal network discovered by Araevin to Semberholme in hopes of defeating House Dlardrageth once and for all. »

  • Kythorn 4 House Dlardrageth establishes an alliance with Hillsfar and Sembia. Hillsfar (Maalthiir) begins mustering an army to send south down the Moonsea Ride to Mistledale and Battledale. Sembia recruits a mercenary army to send north along Rauthauvy's Road through Featherdale and Tasseldale. »

  • Kythorn 21 Hillsfar (Maalthiir) reneges on its alliance with House Dlardrageth by refusing to march his forces against Shadowdale. »

  • Kythorn 26 House Dlardrageth attacks the city of Hillsfar and Hillsfar's army based at the Standing Stone in retribution for betraying their alliance. The First Lord's tower is destroyed, but Maalthiir escapes back to Hillsfar. »

  • Flamerule 3 House Dlardrageth breaks Hillsfar's army at the Standing Stone, forcing it to flee back to Hillsfar. Sembia's army begins to dissolve under repeated assault by the legion House Dlardrageth. »

  • Flamerule 21 House Dlardrageth destroy the Standing Stone and allies with House Jaelre. »

  • Eleasis 5 Emissaries of the Crusade reach a truce with the Sembians. House Dlardrageth launches a raid against the Crusade encampment at Semberholme, but is repulsed. »

  • Eleasis 11 The Crusade allies with Sembia against House Dlardrageth. »

  • Eleasis 17 The Crusade battles the legions of House Dlardrageth in the Vale of Lost Voices. The Zhentilar besiege Hillsfar. Fzoul issues his terms to Hardil Gearas, High Warden of Hillsfar. »

  • Eleasis 18 Malkizid is banished. House Dlardrageth retreats from the Vale of Lost Voices. Hillsfar capitulates to the army of Zhentil Keep. »

  • Eleasis 22 The Crusade overruns Myth Drannor, and House Dlardrageth falls. A handful of fey'ri escape. Seiveril Miritar is slain by Xhalph Dlardrageth, son of Sarya Dlardregeth and a glabrezu.
    AS Xhalph tries to escape through a Waymeet, his falls in battle with Fflar Starbrow Melruth. »