• 177 DR [Year of the Troublesome Vixen]
  • The Magister Malanthus Stormstaern is killed by a "falling star".

    His oldest friend and onetime apprentice Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamilolothtar becomes Magister. »

  • 229 DR [Year of the Black Flame]
  • Realizing that he has no taste for killing, Elminster Aumar begins using the name Eladar the Dark and becomes active as a thief in Hastarl, the capital of Athlantar. He becomes friends with Farl, a local thief. They work together frequently, and eventually forming a gang dubbed the Velvet Hands in opposition to another local gang, the Moonclaws, who were servants of the magelords.

    Later, while eavesdropping on a possible thieving mark, Elminster meets the Magister, Dorgon "Stonecloak" Heamilolothtar. When asked if he was interested in learning sorcery, Elminster refused, hating all mages because of the magelords.

    Some time later, Elminster is visited by Mystra in a temple. The goddess of magic suggests that Elminster study magic and worship her. Elminster soon after begins his study of magic. »

  • 241 DR [Year of the Hippogriff's Folly]
  • The Magister Dorgon "Stonecloak" dies in spellbattle with the mage Sirdan Aulauger of Shussel.

    Azuth offers the position of Magister to Faerndel of Mourktar. He refuses.

    Nelorth "Firefists" Broamshoulder becomes Magister. »