• -25500 DR
  • First Rage of Dragons
    In a newly built citadel in the northernmost reaches of Toril, the elves create the Dracorage mythal. Tied to the appearance of the King-Killer Star, the Dracorage mythal incites the Rage of Dragons, a madness driving all dragonkind into mindless destruction as well as turning them against their own offspring. Draconic rule begins to fade from this point on. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Hammer 1 The lich Sammaster completes his transformation of the Dracorage mythal, precipitating a Rage of Dragons independent of the appearance of the King-Killer Star in the heavnes. »

  • Uktar 13 Verthandantalynx, a green wyrm lairing in the depths of Cormanthor west of Myth Drannor, succumbs to the Rage and attacks the village of Trenahess, leaving it in ruins. »

  • Nightal 6 Sammaster is destroyed, and the Rage comes to an end. The end of the elven High Magic that caused the dragon rage (the Dracorage Mythal) also releases the great platinum dragon Bahamut from his ancient prison. Bahamut reappears in Celestia, and soon invades Tiamat's demesne in the domain known as the Dragon Eyrie. »

  • The Morueme dragons (Nahaunglaroth, Roraurim and their mates Eshaedra, and Faenphaele) succumbs to the Dracorage Mythal instigated by Sammaster. The dragons burst forth from their caverns of Daggerdoom and unleash their fury over the length and breadth of the Nether Mountains, hunting the orcs of the Thousand Fists tribe, literally digging them out of their cavern homes.

    Back at Daggerdoom Mountain, the rage slowly infects the Blood of Morueme. Led by Arharzel (the wyrmling son of Roraurim and Faenphaele), the draconic hobgoblins pour forth from the caverns of Dragondoom to assault their pureblood kinfolk on the slopes below. Doomspire falls, but at the cost of Arharzel's life.

    Once the rage ends, the two dragon brothers and their mates return home to see their greatest fears realized. Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim slaughter the few remaining male hobgoblins and round up the the females to serve as breeding stock for the Blood of Morueme. »

  • Aerosclughpalar "Gildenfire" prepares for the Dracorage and relocates to the heart of the Dire Wood, a cancerous blot in the heart of the High Forest. As planned, when he eventually succumbs to the magical madness of the dracorage mythal, the gold dragon spends his fury shattering the petrified trees of the Dire Woods and hunting the aberrations that stalk beneath their boughs. »

  • A number of crystal dragons travel to the elemental planes to avoid the effects of the Dracorage Mythal.

    • Eldenser (great amethyst wyrm) travels to the Elemental Plane of Earth.
    • Gaulauntyr (female mature adult topaz dragon), got greedy and stays overlong in Faerun. After succumbing to madness, she wreaks great devastation on the vineyards of Nimpeth, destroying most of that year's grape harvest, before regaining enough self-control to flee to the Elemental Plane of Water.
    • Malaeragoth (male very old sapphire dragon), who dwells in the Realm of Stone and Shadow, a huge network of caverns beneath the Greypeak Mountains formed of natural subterranean chambers and a long-abandoned Ammarindan dwarven delve, retreats to the Elemental Plane of Earth.
    • Raulothim (male great emerald dragon), who dwells in the caldera of an extinct volcano on the isle of Axegard, north of Ruathym, withdraws to the Elemental Plane of Air.


  • Deszeldaryndun Silverwing "The Guardian Worm of Everlund (male silver wyrm dragon) and his mate Valamaradace "The Dragon Queen of Silverymoon" (female ancient gold dragon), who dwell in the Floating Mountain, a gigantic, hollow, oval rock kept aloft, moved, and enshrouded in mist by the Dragon Queen's magic (which usually hovers low over the woods due west of Everlund, or south of there on the verge of the High Forest), succumbs to the Dracorage Mythal and attacks each other. Only the intervention of Alustriel keeps the two dragons from killing each other. In gratitude, both pledge themselves to the defense of the Silver Marches. Alustriel has since named Valamaradace as her heir. »

  • Olothontor "The Minstrel Wyrm" (male very old blue dragon), who lairs in a cavern in Mount Araddyn, just north of Mount Sar along the Coast Road (and who has long sought a song dragon mate), comes across bardic magic that helps him temporarily suppress the Dracorage. He learned of it while attempting to court Karasendrieth, and adult song dragon (who repeatedly spurned him), when she disseminated knowledge of his spell. He was among the few chromatic dragons with an interest in resisting the Dracorage, and in going about his daily life. The bardic magic, combined with his preexisting activities with music, served to keep his rage at a low enough level to withstand the year. »