• 367 DR [Year of Shying Eyes]
  • The city of Phlan is founded on the northern shores of the Dragon Sea (Moonsea). »

  • 400 DR [Year of the Blue Shield]
  • Evil, inhuman forces known collectively as the Dark Alliance sweep out of Thar and destroy Northkeep. After a dark ritual is performed by over 40,000 humanoid priests, mages and shamans, the city of Northkeep sinks beneath the purple waves of the Dragons' Sea. The neighboring settlement of Phlan is also sacked by the inhuman army. »

  • 590 DR [Year of the Turning Leaf]
  • Arms-Major Pirphal of Myth Drannor dies with most of his patrol in battle with the black dragon Mrinabnahor. His sword Dragathil is lost for the next four centuries as the dragon steals it for its mountain hoard west of the Dragon Sea. »

  • 672 DR [Year of the Angry Caverns]
  • Many dwarf settlers of Myth Drannor, most of them refugee clans from the fallen Realm of Glittering Swords, leave the city and move north to the southern shore of the Dragon Sea (Moonsea). They reopen the westernmost mines of Sarphil, known as the Lost Way, which honeycomb a lengthy escarpment (known as the Scarp) that looms over the eastern reaches of the Tailings Bay. »

  • 708 DR [Year of Bound Evils]
  • Three nycaloths (Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) escape their dimensional pocket prison that floats invisibly high above Cormanthyr. Their freedom depends on a "red dragon that never held malice or greed in its heart over the coronal's throne". As Saeval Ammath and his adopted dragon-mount Garnetallisar flyabove Myth Drannor, they weaken the dimensional prison enough for the nycoloths to escape.

    The Khov'Anilessa (as the elves called them, or the Trio Nefarious) were also aided by the summoning rituals being performed (poorly) by a flind shaman for to the north, above the Dragon Sea, and they traveled to it immediately upon breaking their prison, so none knew of thier breakout. Despite the beliefs of the flind shaman, the fiends were free of anyone's control. »

  • 709 DR [Year of the Earnest Oaths]
  • The three freed nycoloths (Khov'Anilessa or Trio Nefarious, Aulmpiter, Malimshaer, and Gaulguth) slay their flind "summoner" and spend the next twenty nine months drawing together their forces amid the mountains and hills north of the Dragon Sea (including summoning servant yugoloths). In all, thier army consists of orcs, ogres, bugbears, hobgoblins, gnolls, flinds, trolls and an ever growing assortment of lesser yugoloths. »

  • 711 DR [Year of Despairing Elves]
  • Nightal The Northern Massacres (Weeping War: Campaign #1)
    A.K.A.: The Darkness Rising; The Ambushes; "The First Strikes"
    The Army of Darkness descended south of the Dragon Sea and enters the forest in three separate formations, which later split and spread out to form a front across much of the northern woods of Cormanthor. Within the space of one tenday during the first heavy snows of winter, these forces destroyed three villages and more than two dozen outposts of both military and trade importance.

    Surprisingly, very few elves survived these initial and unexpected onslaughts, and the few that escaped to the south told stores of such unimaginable horror that the local Akh'Velahr commanders did not believe them. These delays led directly to the victory of the Army of Darkness and the continued unreadiness of Cormanthyr.

    This event lasts until Hammer of 712 DR. »