• The Mindstalker Wars
  • -8100 DR to -8080 DR
    The illithids of Oryndoll attack the eastern subkingdom of Shanatar, beginning a conflict that came to be known as the Mindstalker Wars among the dwarves and the War of Cloven Thoughts among the mind flayers. The illithids are driven back, but in their wake the surviving Stout Folk discover that the caverns of Barakuir, which had been cut off in the early days of fighting, lie empty. Clan Duergar had been carried back to thralldom in the mind flayers' realm. After millennnia of enslavement and countless illithid breeding experiments, the descendants of Clan Duergar are transformed into a new subrace, the gray dwarves. »

  • -4400 DR
  • Midwinter The Dark Court Slaugther:
    Drow and duergar, lead by the balor Wendonai, attack and destroy the Elven Court and Sarphil beginning on Midwinter Night. Within days, the Elven Court is in ruins and Sarphil is occupied by the drow and duergar. The Dark Court Slaughter claims the lives of many clan leaders of the Elven Court and the coronals of both Rystall Wood and Jhyrennstar. »

  • c. -4000 DR
  • The duergar rebel against their illithid masters and eventually free themselves of the mind flayer's dominion. These newly liberated gray dwarves carve out their own holdings in the northern Underdark, beneath the Orsraun Mountains, and in isolated caverns deep beneath the Great Glacier. »

  • -3717 DR
  • Gray dwarves found Gracklstugh, City of Blades. The first city of its kind in the North, its holdings grow without rival throughout the upper and middle Underdark. »

  • c. -2600 DR
  • In the North, Deepkingdom, realm of the gray dwarves, reaches its peak. »

  • -1850 DR
  • Under the leadership of their greatest queen, Duerra, the gray dwarves of Underspires launch a series of attacks against their Underdark enemies, the drow of Undraeth, the illithids of Oryndoll, and eventually the remnants of Deep Shanatar. »

  • The Deepbear Battles
  • -1803 DR to -1350 DR
    The duergar of Gracklstaugh destroy the quaggoth nation of Ursadunthar, whose drow-incited survivors retaliate for centuries by raiding outlying duergar settlements. »

  • c. -1800 DR
  • Duerra, queen of the gray dwarves of Underspires, is rewarded with divine ascension. The capital city of Dunspeirrin, City of Sunken Spires, soon falls into a centuries-long decline. »

  • The Kin Clashes
    The descendants of Clan Duergar invade the realms of Ultoksamrin and Holorarar in Deep Shanatar, and others soon follow. Only Iltkazar survives the gray dwarf invasion, leaving Shanatar fallen in all but name. »

  • -530 DR [Year of Meager Means]
  • The Night Wars draw to a close, and the drow never again gain more than a remote toehold in the surface lands. In all, more than 75,000 humans and other beings are captured and enslaved by the drow during these conflicts. Many of their descendants become skulks. More than 150,000 others die fighting the deep elves, though nearly as many drow and duergar die during the wars as well. »

  • 268 DR [Year of Cruel Storms]
  • The mithral in the halls that were once held by the Melairkyn dwarves in Undermountain are finally mined out by the duergar. »

  • 284 DR [Year of Fallen Flagons]
  • The duergar from Gracklstugh largely abandon their holdings in Undermountain, known to them as Sargauthan Hold due to the once plentiful veins of mithral beneath what is now known as Mount Waterdeep runs out and Halaster's Hunts make their continued residence untenable. »

  • 308 DR [Year of Promise]
  • Halaster's Hunts
    Halaster's Hunts, a series of exterminations of drow and duergar in Undermountain by the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak, comes to an end. »

  • 309 DR [Year of the Cascade]
  • After many years of exterminating large pockets of drow and duergar, Halaster Blackcloak now rules the Underhalls of Undermountain beneath Waterdeep. »

  • 434 DR [Year of the Stallion Triumphant]
  • Hargun Anvilbreaker, a prominent cleric of Laduguer, leads a large group of zealots out of the great city of Dunspeirrin to found the duergar temple city, Dirk Hargunen, a place where the worship of Ladueguer (not Deep Duerra) would forevermore be first in the hearts of the gray dwarves. Dedicated to the written preservation of duergar history and devotion to the gray dwarf gods, the temple and monastery of this new city soon attracted a burgeoning community of gray dwarf craftsfolk. »

  • 579 DR [Year of the Cultured Rake]
  • Torghatar, Phalorm's dwarf king, falls to duergar assassins near present-day Ironford. »

  • 972 DR [Year of the Cairngorm Crown]
  • The scattered derro tribes of the Northdark launch a Uniting War against the duergar of Gracklstugh and succeed in slaying King Barthorn V. The Crown Prince and now new King Tarngardt VII, who was mere moments from saving his former king, launches a crusade to exterminate the scattered derro clans of the Northdark, and several hundred derro are brought back to Gracklstugh as slaves. »

  • 1063 DR [Year of the Deluded Tyrant]
  • King Tarngardt VII of Gracklstugh orders the city's derro slaves freed and grants them al the rights and privileges of the city's duergar inhabitants. Those duergar lairds who speculated that a secret group of derro savants was behind the king's sudden change of heart found themselves the targets of assassination. The derro form the Council of Savants. »

  • 1183 DR [Year of the Grisly Ghosts]
  • Clan Battlehammer, along with Bruenor, thier eventual king, is exiled from their home of Mithral Hall by the shadow dragon Haerinvureem (Shimmergloom) and his army of duergar. Clan Battlehammer begins its trip to Icewind Dale.

    Thibbledorf Pwent is known to be in the final battles for Mithral Hall. He survives, although Bangor Battlehammer (father of Bruenor) and his father Garumn Battlehammer do not. »

  • 1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]
  • Duergar from Gracklstugh establish an outpost beneath Illusk to probe the underground defenses of Mirabar. »

  • 1288 DR [Year of the Roaring Horn]
  • The duergar of Underspires wage a five-decade-long war with their surface kin. »