• -2136 DR
  • A mythallar is established in the city of Earsome in Netheril.
    The practice of collecting an ear from a slain enemy comes into style (and with the mythallar's help), the residents of Earsome begin displaying their "earie" prizes in clear cases imbued with preservation spells. Ears from a variety of creatures soon find their way into Earsome display cases. »

  • -1964 DR
  • Jarm of Netheril begins residing in Earsome. Jarm was a ruthless man who would use poison or other "quick and efficient" means to rid himself of any unwanted competition. This included visiting arcanists who just happened to be passing through the town.
    Despite his ruthless nature, Jarm would fight alongside many of the town's defenders through countless battles against orcs of the Hidden Forest. »

  • -1885 DR
  • Jarm of Netheril is assassinated in Earsome. Of his many nemesis' the only one he didn't slay was the priest of Mystryl, Shastin. »

  • -1542 DR
  • An "trophy" ear of a troll is rumored to have regenerated into a troll in Earsome of Netheril. An entire family is killed in the resulting mayhem before the monster could be burned to ashes. A long investigation as to why a troll ear was placed in a display case is begun after hiring an adventuring company to unearth the truth. Their investigation ends in a great battle with some political enemies of the slain family. »

  • -1045 DR
  • A silver mine caused a brief population boom of Earsome in Netheril, but the vein runs dry by the turn of the century and the residents go back to their fishing, hunting, and trapping lifestyles. »

  • -689 DR [Year of Final Fates]
  • The Kraal Brook Massacre
    The orcs (who were thought to be no longer a threat) claims the lives of 2,000 humans from Earsome near the Kraal Brook in Netheril during a religious festival. »

  • -644 DR [Year of Vacant Wharves]
  • The humans of Earsome of Netheril attack the orcs within the Hidden Forest. 12,000 orcs and 4,000 humans perish. »

  • -505 DR [Year of Burnings]
  • The orc village of Shantraf is burned to the ground by Earsome forces of Netheril. The humans return to their city confident that the orc threat has been eliminated. They are wrong. »

  • -455 DR [Year of Rebellious Streets]
  • The orc forces of the Hidden Forest strike the city of Earsome, destroying all outlying farms and villages along the way. The city gates are destroyed along with the city's mythallar, and a war rages throughout Earsome as the city burns. Only the arrival of the floating city of Delia saves Earsome from complete destruction. »

  • -342 DR [Year of Sovereign Truth]
  • Earsome Masacre
    The orcs of the Hidden Forest attack the city of Earsome of Netheril en masse during the spring. The battle rages on for two months, but there is no savior for Earsome through any enclave this time. »