• 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Thepurl's Diamond, the ship of the lich Ebonsoul, is attacked and sunk by pirates in the Sea of Fallen Stars near Aglarond. »

  • 1481 DR [Year of the Grinning Halfling]
  • Agents of the Assassin guildmaster Pericolo Topolino find the location of the ship wrecked Thepurl's Diamond. Pericolo, along with his daughter and the reincarnated Regis travel to the ship, where Regis is able to plunder several magic items, but also released the trapped lich Ebonsoul. Several days later, Ebonsoul appears at Pericolo's mansion in Delthuntle looking to recover his stolen items. He slays Pericolo, but Regis manages to escape and heads west.

    Spider Parrafin (Regis) disguised himself as Cordio Muffinhead in Elturgard on the Trade Way to Triel.

    Spider joins the Grinning Ponies halfling band at Boareskyr Bridge. »

  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • The reborn Companions of the Hall visits the Ivy Mansion to seek aid from the Harpells to help their friend Thibbleforf Pwent who has become a vampire. The offer to release his soul but they must bring him before the Harpells. The Harpells give Catti-brie a scroll to imprison Pwents soul so that they can bring it back to the Ivy Mansion where Pwent's soul can be released.

    The Companions Encounter Ebonsoul at the Boareskyr Bridge. Catti-brie uses the scroll intended for Pwent to imprison Ebonsoul's soul in a blood-red sapphire ring phylactery.

    The Companions arrive at Gauntlgrym (now called Q'Xorlarrin). While there, they discover the drow that had settled Gauntlgrym (and that Pwent was fighting the drow). With the help of Pwent and some of his vampire servants, the Companions engage the drow and discover Artemis Entreri, Afafrenfere, Ambergris O'Maul, and Dahlia Sin'felle.

    They rescue the 5, but Dahlia and Catti-brie fight, as proxies for the gods Lolth and Meilikki. Catti-brie is victorious, and Dahlia is presumed dead but is actually saved by the illithid Methil El-Viddenvelp and taken to Menzobarranzen. There, Dahlia is mentally manipulated as a puppet for Quenthel Baenre. Quenthel declares Dahlia the new Matron Mother of the newly reformed House Do'Urden.

    The Companions capture Pwent's soul in the magical horn of Valhalla that Wulfgar had discovered and is taken back to the Ivy Mansion where Pwent is freed from the curse of vampirism, and Pwent's spirit is allowed to rest in the Halls of the Dwarven Gods. A shadow of Pwent is imprinted on the magical horn of Valhala, so that it now summons the spirit of Pwent when blown.

    Berellip Xorlarrin is killed by Artemis Entreri. »