• 256 DR [Year of the Thousand Snows]
  • The Magister Talana Brakuularn is killed at the second ever Mage Fair. After a dozen or so mages attending the Fair were killed by rivals.

    The mage Eirl Rauthantannar, the "Whisperer in Shadows", becomes Magister. »

  • 276 DR [Year of the Burnished Blade]
  • The Magister Eirl Rauthantannar, nearing the end of his days, transforms himself into Greentree haven, an enchanted grove in the wilderlands of the Sword Coast North.

    The blustering mage Ergrith "Kingslayer" Klavulgrun becomes Magister. He begins slaughtering merchant lords of Tashalaran cities and neighboring realms. »