• 491 DR [Year of Faltering Fires]
  • Phanlinksal is founded by the elder brains ruling illithid society. They chosse a defensible cavern close to the surface to allow for easy raiding of Uthgardt tribes in the Lurkwood. One of the elder brains was relocated to the site. Despite this, the settlement always remained small. »

  • 1250 DR [Year of the Riven Skull]
  • A plot to enslave nearby Waterdeep is derailed when a surprise attack by githyanki (secretly engineered by the illithilich Aulagol) leads to the mortal injury of the elder brain of Ch'Chitl. Though the elder brain does not perish immediately, its demise was certain, which would lead to the end of Ch'Chitl. In desperation, the ulitharid Thalynsar formulates a plan to preserve the powers and memories of the elder brain through undeath. Thalynsar transformes itself and several other illithids into illithiliches, and together these new elders devour the elder brain. As the most powerful of the resulting Concord of Elders, Thalynsar attempts to keep the majority of the elder brain's lore within itself, but the great amount of knowledge slowly drives Thalynsar insane.

    Some accounts list this event in the year 1362 DR. »

  • 1278 DR [Year of Many Bones]
  • The Kraken Society, after injuring the Elder Brain of the illithids of Gauntlgrym, abducts one of the mind flayers and successfully brain washes it. The illithids of Gauntlgrym begin staging attacks against the Kraken Society in response. »

  • 1340 DR [Year of the Lion]
  • The abandoned settlement of Phanlinksal is inhabited by a neothelid.
    The Sept Ill'Ghact (founded by Methil El-Viddenvelp) begins using the ruined city as their base. The sept's intention was to create a new elder brain and rebuild the city.

    Methil is successful in implanting an illithid tadpole into a psionic drow from house Oblodra. This drow becomes an ulitharid named Galgast. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Ilsensine manifests in the city of Oryndoll, miles beneath the Shining Plains west of the Vilhon Reach, adopting the elder brain of Oryndoll as its avatar form during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Drizzt Do'Urden, Artemis Entreri, and Jarlaxle Baenre travel through the underdark (and the hordes of demons summoned by Demogorgon) to Menzoberranzan to rescue Dalia Sin'felle. They are captured in their attempt (which was arranged by Yvonnel II Baenre).

    Yvonnel arranges a duel between Drizzt and Tiago Baenre for the title of Champion of Lolth. Drizzt is victorious, killing Tiago.

    Yvonnel then uses a risen K'yorl Odran and a ritual involving almost every spellcaster in the city along with support from Lolth and an illithid hive and it's elder brain, to channel psychic energy through Drizzt as he strikes the demon lord, banishing it back to the Abyss.

    Yvonnel, believing Drizzt to be in the favor of Lolth, tempts him, but Drizzt refuses her. She is fascinated by this, and allows Drizzt, Jarlaxle, Entreri, and Dahlia to leave, but not before cursing him to believe that his wife, Catti-Brie is a actually a demon in disguise.

    Drizzt manages to not kill Catti-Brie, despite the curse. Yvonnel is further intrigued and soon comes to regret cursing him.

    Drizzt is taken in by the monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose and trained by Grand Master Kane himself in an attempt to cure Drizzt of his delusions.

    Yvonnel abandons Menzoberranzan quickly growing bored with Lolth's plan. Using her arcane magic, she sets out to help cure Drizzt of his curse. She summons the Yochlol, Yaccardaria who aids in ending the curse. The demon is banished by Grand Master Kane.

    Yvonnel then aids in defeating the succubus, Malcanthet. Drizzt is mortally wounded by the demon. Having no divine magic, Yvonnel summons a Yochlol instead, which then turns and summons Lolth herself. Lolth grants Yvonnel a healing spell which saves Drizzt. Lolth then attempts to tempt Drizzt, but he defies her, even after Lolth offers to return his father, Zaknafein to life. Lolth then leaves, saying

    Existence is empty without chaos, Life is boring without enemies.