• -4070 DR
  • Shevarash the Black Archer dies but undergoes apotheosis to become the Night Hunter and Arrow Bringer. This green elf demigod of the Seldarine is still a hunter and vengeful destroyer of drow, but now hunts Lolth and Vhaeraun directly (though he no longer considers Eilestraee and her worshipers to be among his prey). »

  • -331 DR [Year of Shadows Fleeting]
  • The elf armies of the Coronals Tannivh of Cormanthyr and Connak of Rystall Wood finally break the greater defenses of the Twisted Tower (near present-day Shadowdale) and destroy all remaining drow slavers within the tower. The tower is left in the hands of good dark elf allies, and it is a great temple to Eilistraee within a century. The Soldier's Blade is lost during this great battle, captured by the drow in their slaying of Lord Orym Hawksong during the fall of the Twisted Tower. The blade and the body of Lord Orym are taken down into the Underdark as spoils of war by the fleeing drow. »

  • 194 DR [Year of the Coiling Smoke]
  • The Shadowdale temple of Eilistraee and its good dark elves are slaughtered by a new infestation of drow from below. The temple is restored as the Twisted Tower. »

  • 767 DR [Year of the Awakening Wyrm]
  • Dornal Silverhand suspects that his wife, the half-elf Elue Shundar, is possessed by an evil spirit. His suspicions are confirmed when he asks a local priest for magical divination (the priest not able to know that the possessing spirit was in fact the goddess Mystra). Dornal slays his wife, which is when Mystra reveals herself to him. Devastated by the fact that he had slain his wife, Dornal wanders the realms, searching for his death (although Mystra watches over him and keeps him from it).

    Mystra, desperate to keep the 7th child alive, makes an arrangement with the drow goddess Elistraee, and places the spirit of the unborn child in the body of a drow worshipper of Elistraee (who was also pregnant, but the child had died in her womb). The drow mother gave birth to QiluƩ Veladorn, the 7th sister.

    Some time this year, an infant Qilue and her playmates manage to kill an avatar of Ghaunadaur and seal off the Pit of Ghaunadaur. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • The Promenade of the Dark Maiden (temple to Eilistraee) is built northeast of Skullport by Qilue Veladorn (Silverhand) and her followers. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Triel Baenre, seeking to increase her houses number of priestesses, forces Liriel to attend Arach-Tinilith in Menzoberranzan.

    Using a book given to her by her father, Gromph, Liriel travels to the surface lands and meets drow followers of Eilistraee (specifically, Qilue and Ysolde Veladorn). Her desire to return the surface increases, but she fears losing her innate drow magic.

    Liriel learns of an artifact called the Windwalker that could help her keep her magic, and she begins searching for it. »

  • Qilue Veladorn (Silverhand) agrees to help Liriel Baenre against the Vhaeraun worshiping Dragon's Hoard and sends her warriors to attack their headquarters. However, during the fighting, despite their victory, Gorlist kills Elkantar Iluim. Gorlist's father, Nisstyre is killed.

    Later, Gorlist leads the remaining Dragon's Hoard against the Promenade in revenge and in the fighting Ysolde Veladorn was also killed.

    Zz'Pzora, a two-headed deep dragon, is killed in the lair of the Dragon's Hoard merchant company beneath Skullport. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • A force of Ghaunadans and slimes attack the Promenade of the Dark Maiden in Undermountain in retribution for the destruction of the Pit of Ghaunadaur 600 years ago. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Ches The Crowing Cockatrice in Skullport is host to a most unusual competition. A drunken Calashite wine trader by the name of Alajafi Anwar yn Mahmud el Synabbat boasts that he will fill the gullet of every citizen of the Port with his finest wine if one of them can beat his best guardsman - a hulking hill giant by the name of Gwatt - in a wrestling match. Arrikett Uruth (the hin), a bristling, brawling, snarling sub commander of the Promenade of Eilistraee's temple guard, is on hand to not only accept the wager but also to soundly thrash the oafish giant. Many of the trappings of the Crowing Cockatrice are smashed into kindling, forcing the Calashite to not just make good on his wager but also pay for the damages. It is estimated that 15,000 gp of the trader's finest wine is consumed before morning the following day. The trader is forced to obtain a loan from Transtra, the owner of the House of the Long Slow Kiss, so that he can return home and recuperate from the loss without a similar loss in face. »

  • 1375 DR [Year of Risen Elfkin]
  • Winter Solstice Lolth and Eilstraee battle to the death in a divine game of sava, with the fate of the drow hanging in the balance. A Darksong Knight in service to Eilistraee slays Selvetarm, Champion of Lolth, with an artifact known as the Crescent Blade. Drow followers of Vhaeraun employ High Magic for the first time since the Descent. They succeed in opening a portal to Eilistraee's realm, which the Masked Lord employs in an attempt to assassinate his sister. The effort backfires, as Eilistraee kills her brother instead. The Church of Vhaeraun is absorbed into the Church of Eilistraee. The Church of Selvetarm is absorbed into the Church of Lolth. »

  • 1377 DR [Year of the Haunting]
  • Followers of Kiaransalee cause faerzress throughout the Realms Below to affect the ability of drow to teleport or employ divination magic. In hopes of reversing the effect, Eilistraee's worshipers launch an assault on the Crones of Kiaransalee who rule the Acropolis of Thanatos amid the ruins of V'elddrinnsshar deep beneath the Galena Mountains. At the same time, Q'arlynd Melarn and his apprentices, employing six Miyeritari kiira, cast High Magic to strip Kiaransalee's name from the Realms. Bereft of any worshipers, the Revenancer fades from existence. »

  • 1379 DR [Year of the Lost Keep]
  • Flamerule Qilue Veladorn, chosen of Mystra and Eilistraee is killed while the Goddess Eilistraee possessed her body. QiluĆ©/Eilistraee was beheaded by Halisstra Melarn when she was tricked by the balor Wendonai as she was on the verge of redemption. This last act of sacrifice was not in vain however, as it redeemed those not tainted by Wendonai's blood. Corellon Larethian thus permitted the souls of Eilistraee's faithful and the newly transformed dark elves to enter Arvandor. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • The Sundering comes to an end during this time. It sees the return of the following gods:

    • Mystra
    • Helm
    • Mask
    • Lathander
    • Bhaal
    • Eilistraee
    • Vhaeraun


  • 1491 DR [Year of the Scarlet Witch]
  • The returned Eilistraee is seen dancning with, and speaking to, mortals up and down the Sword Coast. In particular, she appears under the walls of Waterdeep, leading many of her followers there. »