• -760 DR
  • Rise of Es'rath
    The surviving shalarin, having quietly slipped into the deeper waters left vacant by the morkoth, announce the official rise of Es'rath, the shalarin kingdom of the deep. Its close ties to the Dukars and its own power keep Aryselmalyr at bay. »

  • Start of the Seventh Seros War
  • -108 DR to -106 DR
    The morkoth of the Theocracy of the Deep Ones attack the merfolk cities Es'rath and Hmurrath on two fronts. They free the Emerald Eye of Kyron, using it with astonishing effectiveness. »

  • -51 DR [Year of the Cluttered Desk]
  • Rise of As'arem
    The three shalarin kingdoms of Es'rath, Es'daan, and Es'purr unite under one eadar (emperor) and now rule the twilight waters form the Humr Plateau to the coast of what shall become the surface-state of Thesk. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Eleasis 13 Morkoth of Qatoris get wind of plans among the morkoth of Olleth and mobilize a few Dukars to rally allies among the good races to fight Iakhovas and his army. The rest of this month sees the alliance slowly build among the shalarin of Es'rath, the tritons of Vuuvax and Pumana, and merfolk of Voalidru. »

  • Eleint 2 Surprise sahuagin attacks on the Ola, Aya, and Yea clan hatcheries of Es'rath cause the deaths of over 1,000 unhatched shalarin. Over 200 shalarin and sahuagin perish »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Greengrass Eadar Ri'ola'con of As'arem dies mysteriously while in his palace at Us'roch. The Warrior caste of Es'rath accuses their long-time political enemies in Es'roch of slaying the eadar. Political and interclan strife ensues across As'arem, which does not calm after Ri'ola'con is found to have been poisoned. »