• The Founding Time / Age of the Proud Peoples
  • -9000 DR to -3000 DR
    This era signals the rise of all the humanoid civilizations, in a time when the many dragons and giants were long overthrown and the elf wars no longer loomed over everyone as a treat. The elf realms of Evereska and Evermeet grow by colonization along with other realms, from the human lands of Unther and Coramshan to the dwarf realms of High Shanatar and Oghrann. »

  • -8600 DR
  • Evereska is founded in secret by surviving clans of Eiellur, Miyeritar, and Orishaar as an elf haven in the woods east of Aryvandaar. »

  • -7600 DR
  • Moon elves and a few sun elves disaffected with Siluvanede's growing elitism found Sharrven in the southern reaches of the High Forest. They are joined by a few elves from Evereska due to overcrowding. »

  • c. -6000 DR
  • Elves from Evereska stumble across the tomb of Hssthak, a sarrukh mummy. Recognizing the threat it posed, a half-dozen elves volunteer to become mummies so that they can guard the tomb for all eternity. »

  • c. -4700 DR
  • Eaerlann rises among the ruins of Aryvandaar due to the efforts of young elven nobels from Sharrven. Their interests in restoring the elder realm while also allying with the dwarves of the North were matched in the interests of the Elders of Sharrven and Evereska to preventing the elves of Siluvanede from doing the same and repeating the same mistakes of the past. »

  • -2770 DR
  • The Slaughter of Sharrven
    The elf realm of Sharrven fragments and falls due to an explosion in the monstrous population within the southern High Forest engineered by the fey'ri of Siluvanede. Survivors flee to Eaerlann and Evereska, and the realm lies vacant but for a few settlements and outposts (though the southern forest retain the name "Sharrven" until the modern era). While proof is sorely lacking, the paranoid elves of Siluvanede quickly blame the power-hungry mages of Netheril, and vow to slay any Netherese wizard that strays into their western High Forest realm. »

  • 244 DR [Year of the Elfsands]
  • Evereska's existence is discovered by nonelves, though the secret is kept for centuries by the human tribes of the Greycloak Hills. »

  • 464 DR [Year of True Names]
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son comes across his father who was escorting some Evereskan elves, his then wife and children, westward when they had come under attack from phaerimm. After both Arun's Son and Arun ran low on spells and hiding under a protective sphere, Arun strikes the Duskstaff of Sareal using his Lupinaxe, killing them both and transforming the surrounding desert into a crater of glass.

    Arun's Son is resurrected by Mystra and becomes her Chosen, "he whom magic, duty, and honor defines". As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades. »

  • 590 DR [Year of the Turning Leaf]
  • Elf and human wizards from Ascalhorn, Eaerlann, Evereska, Silverymoon, and Myth Drannor raise a mythal over the Eaerlanni city of Glaurachyndaar, thereby establishing Myth Glaurach. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Flamerule 1 Two Gates' Fall (Weeping War: Campaign #12)
    A.K.A.: Clash at Warriors' Gate, Khorridan's Wake
    The Army of Darkness claims victory in this battle that sees the destruction of the Warrior's Gate (aka the public gate to the southern Delimbiyr) and a more-secretive gate to a site just outside of Evereska.

    This event lasts until Flamerule 5, 714 DR

    Major deaths include:
    Penaal Khorridan (dwarf holy warrior of Dumathoin). »

  • 1100 DR [Year of the Bloodrose]
  • The moon elves of Loudwater and its surrounding environs begin a Retreat to Evereska in the face of an increasing human and half-elven presence. »

  • 1335 DR [Year of the Snow Winds]
  • The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Elven Gods rest in Evermeet and Evereska during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Winter Solstice Galaeron Nihmedu leads his patrol into an ancient crypt housing seven Aryvandaaran nobles. The patrol tracked down a band of humans and followed them through a dwarven tunnel to where they were using a beholder to carve a path to the Sharn Wall. The humans were trying to locate Melegaunt Tanthul, one of the 12 Princes from the ancient Netherese city of Shade. The elves had a small skirmish with the crypt-breakers, and then Melegaunt himself appeared. Galaeron’s and Melegaunt’s magical bolts collided, creating an explosion that punctured a hole in the Sharn Wall (due to the collision of weave and shadow weave magic), and thus freeing the phaerimm. The phaerimm begin a siege of the elven city of Evereska.

    The leader of the human band, Vala Thorsdotter, was loyal to Melegaunt through a debt made by her great grandfather, Bodvar. As more phaerimm escaped through the breach, they began gathering armies of bugbears, illithids, and beholders. Melegaunt, Vala, and Galaeron goes on a journey to stop the phaerimm, Melegaunt leading the way but not telling them where they were going. On their journey, they are eventually accompanied by a little man named Malik el Sami yn Nasser (actually the Seraph of Lies, the highest honor bestowed by Cyric) and Aris, a stone giant priest whom Galaeron rescued from beholders serving the phaerimm. Along the way, Melegaunt took advantage of Galaeron’s sorcery skills to teach him how to use the Shadow Weave. »

  • Nightal 26 Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun along with several other Chosen of Mystra muster a relief army in Waterdeep and set out to lift the phaerimm siege on Evereska.

    The relief army becomes trapped in Evereska after failing to raise the siege there. An army drawn from the members of the Lords' Alliance and led by Laeral Silverhand Arunsun also marches for Evereska in the last days of this year to aid Khelben's troops, but does not arrive for several months. »

  • Nightal 28 Battle of Rocnest
    The first major battle in the siege of Evereska by the phaerimm.

    Aubric Nihmedu is killed in this battle.

    This battle lasts until Nightal 30, 1371 DR. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Tarsakh 26 The Shadovars trap the phaerimm surrounding Evereska with a shadowshell. »

  • Flamerule 10 The shadowshell surrounding Evereska fails. »

  • Eleasis 2 The Shadovars lose the Karsestone when several of Mystra's Chosen (Khelben Arunsun, Laeral Silverhand, Alustriel Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, Storm Silverhand) and the stone giant Aris attack and damage Shade's mythallar, temporarily crippling the enclave. Galaeron Nihmedu, after having a falling out with the ruler of Shade, Telamont Tanthul, rescues Vala from Prince Escanor.

    Elves and their allies drive the phaerimms out of Evereska in a tenday, and the city's mythal is restored by month's end, aided by Galaeron.

    Galaeron's father dies while fighting the phaerimm and inherits his lordship. Galaeron is offered the position of Master of the Defenses by Lord Duirsar (who replaces Kiinyon Colbathin, who also died in the war), but turns it down, choosing instead to travel with Vala to her home, the Granite Tower, in Vaasa, along with his spirit-deep mate, the wood elf Takari Moonsnow. »

  • The Sembian cell of the Cult of the Dragon discovers the Well of Dragons in the caldera of an ancient volcano southeast of the Battle of Bones. After dispatching the undead draconic guardian, the Dragon Cultists establishes a new cell in this ancient draconic graveyard. The Dragonwell Cell currently controls only the Well of Dragons and its immediate environs, but it soon begins to establish its claims to the territories stretching from Evereska to the Sunset Mountains and from the Serpent HIlls deep into the sands of southern Anauroch. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Ches 8 A branch of the fey'ri army marches southwest to assault Evereska. »