• The Eye Tyrant Wars
  • -170 DR to -166 DR
    Calimshan allies with Tethyr and Iltkazar to fight the risen beholder powers of the Arnaden. »

  • -170 DR [Year of Many Eyes]
  • Almraiven falls to beholders within the first three months of the year, and Suldolphor follows by Greengrass. Though a longer struggle, the beholders control the Spider Swamp and the southern Forest of Mir by the end of Kythorn. This prevents much transfer of troops from western Calimshan except directly into beholder-controlled strongholds. »

  • -167 DR [Year of Sudden Kinship]
  • Uktar 1 The Storming of the Qatarn Hills
    In the first five days of Uktar, King Silvam of Tethyr and Qayadin Revaod el Simaal lead the Fourth Army to victory over nine beholders and three times their army's own force. »

  • Nightal The beholders occupy Volothamp and Schamedar by year's end, though their entrenchment within eastern Calimshan overextends their reach, and the beholders lose control of Ankhapur, one of their largest surface strongholds. »

  • -166 DR [Year of Seven Loves Lost]
  • The Eye Tyrant Wars end, though alliances remain among the human powers to pursue renegade beholders for the next few years among all their lands. »

  • -150 DR [Year of Recompense]
  • Syl-Pasha Kamus yn Tasyn el Tarshaj of Calimport grants Tethyr the region known as Ankaram, the lands west of the Forest of Mir and north of the River Memnon. Although many in Tethyr believe this to be a reward for their aid in the Eye Tyrant Wars, it is a political move to weaken Calishite nobles amassing power against el Tarshaj. »

  • -75 DR [Year of Leather Shields]
  • The Knights of the Crescent Moon, heroes of the Eye Tyrant Wars voluntarily inter themselves based on a prophecy given by the Oracle of Deepwash. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The Knights of the Crescent Moon, heroes of the Eye Tyrant Wars who voluntarily interred themselves awaken and begin their new lives in Iltkazar. »