• 1287 DR [Year of the Smoky Moon]
  • The Flame of the Spirit reappears at a MageFair int he Fallen Lands, where a certain Udo of Felthaeran (a village in the Vilhon since destroyed by spell-battles and storms) attemtps to sell it to Prasker of Torbold. The aged Lord Mage recognizes the Flame and refused it, subsequently informing Nanthoe of Esmeltaran, a priestess of Tymora, of Udo's attempt. Nanthoe sets many Tymorans searching for Udo down the following decades, but he is never found. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Patriarch Wilaundaun Braer of Chauntea and bearer of the Glarathra (an artifact of Chauntea) vanishes in the autumn of this year somewhere in the Fallen Lands or south of Weathercote Wood. Visions sent by the Great Mother to many senior Chauntean clergy insist that some ill befell Wilaundaun, but that, changed in some fell fashion, he yet lives and the Glarathra also endures. They are urged to seek the man and flower and bring them back to the light.

    The Glarathra is so old that its origin is forgotten. In the days of the dawning of human settlements in the North, Chauntean High Harvestmasters would bring the Bronze Flower with them whenever a new temple-farm dedicated to the Golden Goddess was founded and plant it at the center of the community for a season. It is possible that the Glarathra has abilities that can make the land fertile and properly irrigated, requiring long periods of contact to function. The last temple-farm to be so graced was Goldenfields, near Waterdeep. When its success was assured, the Wandering Seed (Patriarch Wilaundau) took the Bronze Flower and ranged off to the east. »