• c. -24400 DR
  • The elf city of Occidian is sacked by a horde of orcs led by the abyssal fiend Haeshkarr, which then attacks Sharlarion. The horde and Haeshkarr are defeated by the elves at great cost. »

  • -10000 DR
  • Like their kin elsewhere, the dark elves of Narathmault are transformed into drow by the will of the Seldarine, shattering their bindings over a host of fiends who swiftly turn on their former masters. Led by Undrek of Clan Sethomiir, the drow and their minotaur servants are forced to flee Narathmault, traveling south and east into the underground caverns beneath the present-day Plateau of Thay. »

  • -360 DR [Year of Autumnfire]
  • After many years of suffering attacks from twisted monsters of unknown origin, the village of Westwendt is decimated in a single night by an attack of fiends. Fires ravaged through the city, and the survivors fled north and west for safety. »

  • An attack of extra-planar fiends raises havoc within Unity, the fiends trying to take control of the city to have a base from which to launch attacks against the Karsus enclave. Karsus and his advisors begin using heavy magic to deal with these outsiders. »

  • -357 DR [Year of Sycophants]
  • The fiendish invasion on Unity ends as Karsus himself finally ejects the fiends from the Prime Material Plane or slays them outright. »

  • 128 DR [Year of the Addled Arcanist]
  • The Raurinese wizard Hilather, after millennia trapped in temporal stasis, begins to explore Faerun. He is hired by the Imperial Court to develop a more secure means of binding fiends to the will of their summoners. He establishes himself in an abandoned tower in the remote emirates of Torsil, which lies along the Sword Coast between the Cloud Peaks and Candlekeep. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Hammer The Satyr's Scourging (Weeping War: Campaign #2)
    A.K.A.: The Westfires; The Northwoods War; "Jhyrennstar's Scourging
    Sometimes known as Jhyrennstar's Scourging (among those who aren't aware of that realm's true boundaries), the second campaign against Cormanthyr devastated the northern frontiers. More than 60% of the Akh'Velahr scouts posted in the north woods died in this rapid advance and entrenchment of the Army of Darkness.

    Aulmpiter established one of his primary command posts during this campaign. After the destruction of all its people, Aulmpiter made his base of operations out of the massive tree village at the heart of the former sylvan elf domain of Oloriil to the north and east of Myth Drannor. Oloriil was a collective of seven smaller outposts and villages that had little traffic with Myth Drannor beyond the frequent aiding and hosting of Akh'Velahr scout patrols. Arrogantly, Aulmpiter's primary chamber, now desecrated by his mere presence, was once a temple holy to Rillifane. This base lay a rough 60 miles from Myth Drannor itself, though the path to it is far longer and certainly not as direct due to intervening thorn barriers and other countermeasures.

    Perhaps one of the most surprising tactics of the Army of Darkness was their near-constant movement and activity. Despite their severe dislike of cold (especially the three nycaloth leaders and their mezzoloth officers), the Army of Darkness stayed active. Many believe the mitigation of the harshest weather by the elf magic throughout the forest helped the fiends, while most bards paint the fact as "their burning hatred and ire kept them from feeling all but the cruelest cold". In any event, some of the force and urgency behind these attacks and the ferocity of all involved might be traced back to their dislike of the battle conditions.

    This event lasts for 24 days »

  • Alturiak 22 The Onslaught on the Weave (Weeping War: Campaign #3)
    A.K.A.: The Maligning of the Mythal

    While not specifically a battle, this event is significant in that history of the war as the first major incursion of infernal forces into the mythal surrounding the capital. Whether Aulmpiter planned the assault as such or not, the First and Third Legions collectively advanced along an arcing front that saw them all contact the mythal almost simultaneously. With that major invasion of forces bringing the mythal's defenses surging into play along a mile-long arc, a massive surge of wild magic arced along and the mythal fell or exploded due to the wild surge, while other long-standing spell effects either died or went out of control. With the advancing forces of yugoloths and the hordes piercing the mythal on a number of fronts, the wild magic surged and corruption of the mythal powers continued through until autumn. At that time, the Woodsheart Wars forced the bulk of the Army of Darkness east and outside of the mythal, granting it a reprieve from the corrupting touch of the yugoloths and other creatures anathema to it.

    While the long-term effects on the mythal were unguessed for much of the Weeping War, there were a few immediate changes to the nature of the mythal with the incursion of the Army of Darkness. The most obvious was the fall of the prohibitions against certain races entering the area, and the orcs and ogres long kept out of the forest's heart saw their first chance to plunder the capital in five centuries. A far more spectacular effect was the initial wild surges' effect on the gold and silver dragon allies of the elves: Sixteen gold and silver dragons had arrived at the summons of the High Mages and other allies of Myth Drannor, and as the wild magic arced around and through them, half the dragons dissolved into the energies and arced into the nearest dragon, the golds and silvers instantly formed eight unique electrum dragons! While all survived the shock of transformation, they were nearly comatose due to the radical changes within them, falling collectively in the Dragons' Glade north of Warriors' Gate and northwest of the city. Unconscious for nearly a month, these electrum dragons were watched over by dragonrider cavalry of Wing and Horn, whose dragon members were not within the mythal at the time of the surges, and were thus spared this strange fate.

    This event lasts until Eleint 19, 712 »

  • 786 DR [Year of the Moaning Gorge]
  • The succubus Soneillon, who had served recently as the favored consort and chief spy for the balor Ndulu, assumes the guise of Prince Nord's mistress. She nearly subverts him to her will, but just before the Battle of Moaning Gorge, Prince Nord resists her insidious attacks and has her imprisoned beneath his keep. Thus Soneillon escapes the fate of Ndulu and his host of demons. Some time after the battle, Soneillon escapes the keep, leaving it a burned out ruin. »

  • Harrowing of Nord
  • 788 DR to 806 DR
    Nord "Demonbane" Elethlim is crowned Paladin-King of Impiltur (with the death of his father Erynd I) and begins a campaign to ferret out and hunt down all fiends and fiend-worshippers throughout the kingdom with the help of the Order of the Triad. »

  • 922 DR [Year of the Spouting Fish]
  • The succubus Soneillon returns to Impiltur, armed with knowledge of all manner of magical plagues. She unleashes the magics of Tortoiscab Plague on the royals of House Elethlim. »

  • 926 DR [Year of the Fearless Peasant]
  • The Kingless Years
    Soneillon strikes again, possessing the ship Nadyra's Glory, which was carrying the Princess Aliia of Old Impiltur, as it sailed from Hlammach to Tsurlagol. The demon sinks the boat and after Princess Aliia dies while en route to wed her betrothed, Prince Rhiigard Obarskyr of Cormyr, the Elethlim Dynasty comes to an end. Impiltur remains leaderless, and the realm fractures into a seething cauldron of rival city-states as powerful nobles attempt to gain the vacant throne.

    The true fate of the Greatsword of Impiltur and the Coronation Crowns of Aliia and Rhigard is not lost at sea. Soneillon recovers them and takes them back to her realm in the Giantspire Mountains, Naratyr (named in homage to the city of her patron, Orcus). Soneillon wears the Coronation Crown of Aliia (when she takes physical form) and the Greatsword of Impiltur is given to the hobgoblins of her realm, which passes through the hands of various hobgoblin champions down the years. »

  • 991 DR [Year of the Breaking Ice]
  • The kingdom of Sossal is rocked by a series of earthquakes. The tremors create fissures in parts of the Great Glacier, unleashing several powerful demons trapped there since the fall of Narfell. Led by their ruler Londraeth, the warriors of Sossal manage to vanquish the rampaging fiends. »

  • 1095 DR [Year of the Dawndance]
  • War-Captain Imphras Heltharn of Lyrabar unites the city-states of the Easting Reach (Lyrabar, Hlammach, Dilpur, and Sarshel) and leads them against a hobgoblin horde from the Giantspire Mountains. The wood elves of the Grey Forest, and the shield dwarves of the Earthfast Mountains also join the fight. The hobgoblin horde (which was controlled by the succubus Soneillon) is driven back to the shores of Bluefang Water in the uplands of Impiltur. There, Soargar (Mage Royal of Old Impiltur and Archmage of Lyrabar), the young sorceress Sambral (apprentice to Soargar), the visiting archmage Velgarbrin of Baldur's Gate, and the folk of Impiltur and its allies rout the hobgoblin horde.

    After the battle, Soargar breaths his last, but not before telling Imphras that the Crown of Narfell and a cache of magical blades (come to be known as Soargar's Legacy) are located in his tower. Soargar had also sometime ago cast a mighty abjuration spell which prevented the succubus Soneillon from physically entering the lands of Impiltur. »

  • 1127 DR [Year of the Luminar Procession]
  • The ever vigilant Ilmara sees the hobgoblins of the Giantspire Mountains in the Scrying Stones of Myth Drannor and alerts her brother, King Imbrar of Impiltur. King Imbrar Heltharn marches into the mountains, accompanied by his Royal Guard - and Imbrar and his men are never seen again. King Imbrar's youngest sister Ilmara takes the Crown of Narfell and begins her reign as Impiltur's queen.

    The brokenhearted king Imbrar (having attacked foolishly and also losing Soargar's Legacy, the fabled blades of the Realm) is captured by the succubus Soneillon (the secret leader of the hobgoblins), who tortures and torments him until his will and his faith in the Triad is broken. Upon his death, he rises again as a death knight in the service of the fiend Soneillon. She crowns him with the Coronation Crown of Rhigard and recovers the Greatsword of Impiltur from the hobgoblins of her realm, Naratyr, and bestows it onto her new champion and consort, Imbrar Heltharn, Fallen King of Impiltur. »

  • 1169 DR [Year of the Earth Shaking]
  • Imphras II Heltharn is born and declared king of Impiltur, his father Rilaun takes up arms to seize the throne (Rilaun had been corrupted by the whispered promises of the succubus Soneillon, having learned how to whisper into the minds of mortals). He is defeated, and Ilmara rules as Queen-Regent. »

  • 1208 DR [Year of the Gamine]
  • Crown Prince Talryn Heltharn of Impiltur attempts to have his father declared unfit to rule, but his brother Prince Lashilmbrar betrays the crown prince, forcing Talryn into exile. Lashilmbrar acts under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1294 DR [Year of the Deep Moon]
  • In Impiltur, King Lashilmbrar Heltharn, Queen Thelmara, and Crown Prince Imphras III are assassinated. Prince Kuskur, elder son of Imphras II (by way of Imphrass' second wife, Rebaera), is named regent until King Rilimbrar comes of age. Prince Thaum, only child of Regent Kuskur and Elthinda Balindre of Telflamm, was behind the assassination and acted under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1295 DR [Year of the Ormserpent]
  • Prince Thaum (who is the son of Kuskur Heltharn, regent of Impiltur and Elthinda Balindre, daughter of Telflamm's merchant king) gathers a mercenary army (using coins from Telflamm's treasury he took from the doddering merchant-king) and sacks the city of Sarshel. He then marches on the Tower of Filur and seizes the throne of Impiltur.

    Regent Kuskur and the young King Rilimbrar flee into exile. Kuskur requests aid from Queen Ilione of Aglarond, who sends her mysterious apprentice, known only as the Simbul, to dispatch Thaum. With Thaum dead, his son Imphras (later Imphras IV) attempts to hold the throne.

    Imphras IV is now or at some point comes under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »