• 1263 DR [Year of the Tressym]
  • Fzoul Chembryl steps forward in Zhentil Keep to take up the reins of authority for the Dark Shrine of Bane. »

  • 1312 DR [Year of the Griffon]
  • Darkhold is seized by the Black Network (Zhentarim) lead by Manshoon. Fzoul Chembryl slays its lich-queen, Varalla. »

  • 1334 DR [Year of the Blazing Brand]
  • Manshoon and Fzoul, with the help of their beholder allies, become the new lords of Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Manshoon and Fzoul Chembryl take ill but are healed. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Flamerule Fzoul Chembryl orders the deaths of fifty three 'unrepentant heretics' in Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Nightal 27 Fall of Zhentil Keep
    Fzoul Chembryl reads aloud from the True Life of Cyric, revealing the dark god's betrayal of his faithful at Zhentil Keep. Xeno Mirrormane, High Priest of Cyric, is struck by powerful divine fire from Mask. The flames devour Xeno, then proceeded to do likewise to the temple of Cyric. Fzoul flees the falling city to Teshwave as Cyric-summoned giants, dragons, and other monsters sack much of Zhentil Keep.

    Lord Orgauth had only the small number of troops that hadn't fled the destruction and a few meagre reinforcements from Darkhold. Orgauth died during the siege but a pit fiend named Abarax that had been imprisoned by one of Orgauth's mages escaped from it's bonds and found Orgauth's corpse. The baatezu polymorphed into the fallen leader and effectively took up his life where Orgauth had left it.

    Abarax (as Orgauth) and his troops survived. He then summons the Erinyes Eshaeris to take the place of a courtesan named Desmonda who had disappeared during the siege. Together, they befuddled the remaining lords and took complete, unopposed control of the Keep. »

  • Cyric had sought the soul of Kelemvor Lyonsbane, but was unable to find him. Cyric releases Kezef the Chaos Hound from Pandemonium, and commands it to trace Kelemvor's soul. Kezef ended up being trapped again by Mask.

    Kelemvor's soul was trapped in Cyric's sentient sword, Godsbane, actually an aspect of Mask, who planned to steal the portfolio of lies. Mask used Kelemvor's soul to gain the cooperation of Mystra, all the while planning a revolt in the City of Death against Cyric. With the help of Mystra, Torm, Oghma, and Cyric's own high priest Fzoul Chembryl (whose loyalty lay with the dead Bane), great chaos was caused in two of Cyric's most important bases of faith: Zhentil Keep, and the City of Death. A great number of Cyric's follower lost their faith, thus weakening Cyric. In addition, Cyric's nightmare was freed from Dendar the Night Serpent, and the dream found Cyric, causing him to think that Kelemvor had somehow returned to life and to seek revenge. At that moment, Cyric lost his mind, crushed his sword, which freed Kelemvor, and made his nightmare come true. The two fought and Cyric's fear, indecision, and madness caused his defeat, and Kelemvor overthrows Cyric's rule in the City of the Dead. By the wish of all dead spirits and Denizens in the Gray Wastes (some say by Ao's will also), Kelemvor became the new God of Death. Mask also emerged from the sword. Begging for forgiveness as Cyric attempted to salvage what he could of the situation, Mask followed his new master out of the castle. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Fzoul Chembryl is temporarily possessed by Xvim, who sets Fzoul on the path to rule Xvim's church. Fzoul allies with the High Blade of Mulmaster in exchange for the whereabouts of the two Imperceptors of Bane in his city.

    Khelben and Fzoul meet secretly in Voonlar, where Khelben provides Fzoul with information about Lord Orgauth (that he is in fact the pit fiend Abarax) and the Scepter of the Sorcerer Kings, and Fzoul vows to limit the Xvimlar's eastward expansion for 10,000 days.

    Fzoul and the beholder Manxam assault their rivals in Mulmaster. The High Imperceptor of Cyric is killed along with a number of faithful, and the long-hidden High Imperceptor of Bane is captured and brought back to the Keep for torture. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Tarsakh 22 The Harpers discover Khelben's dealings with Fzoul. A Tribunal is called in by the High Harpers at Twilight Hall in Berdusk. Khelben is found guilty, he renounces his allegiance to the Harpers, turning in his pin.

    The Tel'Teukiira (The Moonstars) are founded by Khelben to further his goals. Many high-ranking ex-Harpers join, including Laeral Silverhand, Mintipur Moonsilver, Myrmeen Lhal, and Malchor Harpell. »

  • Fzoul shatters the Scepter of the Sorcerer Kings in combat with the banelich Faram Khaldan, scattering its five pieces across the planes.

    Fzoul forges the Scepter of the Tyrant's Eye. »

  • The Manshoon Wars
    Fzoul Chembryl and Orgauth attacks Manshoon and Semommon. Manshoon is killed by Fzoul and Sememmon flees to Darkhold, severing the gates that link it with Zhentil Keep. Fzoul purges the Zhentarim of Manshoon's supporters, giving him control over most of the organization. Several clones of Manshoon awake at the same time and create havoc throughout Faerun. Fzoul and Orgauth take control of the Citadel of the Raven.

    A long-lost stasis clone of Manshoon awakens in the catacombs of Westgate as the Manshoon Wars begin. Prior to his awakening, this Manshoon clone had been abducted and drained by the Night King, a powerful vampire. As a vampire, the Manshoon clone hunts down and kills his creator, becoming the next Night King in turn. The Manshoon clone (now calling himself Orbakh) then sets about rebuilding the Night Masks to serve his ends, leading to rumors in Westgate that "the Faceless" has returned. »

  • Scyllua Darkhope finally corners Orgauth in the winter of this year, and Orgauth (actually the mighty pit fiend, Abarax) ultimately surrenders to her, offering to help right the ills of the past and convinced Scyulla to join him in this goal.

    Orgauth ultimately succeeds in his goal of corrupting Scyulla. She renounces Tyr, dedicates herself to Bane and becomes a blackguard. While Orgauth taught her of Bane and how to serve him, his consort Desmonda (an Erinyes demon in disguise) jealously tells many lies about Orgauth to the young blackguard, telling her just enough truth to make Scyllua hate her new tutor once more. Following her fall from paladinhood, she soon turns against Lord Orgauth and slays him. She then accepts an invitation by Fzoul Chembryl and joins the ranks of the Zhentarim — embracing the organization she once sought to destroy. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Mirtul 2 Fzoul Chembryl, Tyrant of the Moonsea, learns of Sfena's abduction by chance during an exchange of information with a summoned pit fiend. »

  • Kythorn 10 Dabron's caravan leaves Hluthvar, heading for Irieabor. The Tyrant of the Moonsea (Fzoul Chembryl) issues a proclamation in which he claims that all trade in the "instruments of tyranny" is the sole province of the church of Bane. This is widely interpreted as a move by the Zhentarim to seize control of the weapons and arms trade in the Heartlands at the expanse of the Iron Throne. »

  • Eleasis 17 The Crusade battles the legions of House Dlardrageth in the Vale of Lost Voices. The Zhentilar besiege Hillsfar. Fzoul issues his terms to Hardil Gearas, High Warden of Hillsfar. »

  • Eleasis 27 Fzoul Chembryl meets in secret with Jezz the Lame of House Jaelre and representatives of the Auzkovyn Clan. The three groups agree to work in concert to destroy the Fair Folk before they can truly reestablish Myth Drannor. »

  • Eleasis 29 Fzoul Chembryl orders Scyllua Darkhope to seize control of the Moonsea Ride by establishing a series of fortifications along the road south from Hillsfar. »

  • Uktar 3 A Sharran priestess, Esvele Greycastle, forges an alliance with Fzoul Chembryl, Tyrant of the Moonsea. »

  • Nightal 1 Scyllua Darkhope returns to Zhentil Keep to lead an additional division into the field. To her surprise, Fzoul orders her to invade Shadowdale again, but this time with support from the Church of Shar and the drow of House Dhuurniv. »

  • 1375 DR [Year of Risen Elfkin]
  • Hammer 17 Fzoul Chembryl publicly blames Scyllua Darkhope for all the failures in the Cormanthor War and proclaims that the "Bitch in the Trees" shall never again be resurrected. »

  • 1376 DR [Year of the Bent Blade]
  • The Masked Brigades of the Elven Court are sorely shaken by their god's destruction, and the forces of Myth Drannor soon rout the remnants of House Jaelre and Clan Auzkovyn from the Elven Court. With his drow allies scattered and disorganized, Fzoul Chembryl of Zhentil Keep decides to end his war against Myth Drannor. The Tyrant of the Moonsea concludes an uneasy peace with Ilsevele Miritar, leaving the forest to the elves while Hillsfar and the open lands north of the line between Hillsfar and Dagger Falls formerly fall under the sway of Zhentil Keep. In addition, the Fair Folk grant the Black Network free passage along the Moonsea Ride and Rauthauvyr's Road, for so long as they do not fell a living tree, injure or kill an elf, or stray more than thirty paces from the trail beneath the boughs. »