• -3869 DR
  • The charismatic 20-year-old priest of Tyche (the god whom Tymora and Beshaba sprang from), Nether the Elder rises to rule the fishing village of Gers in the north of Faerun. He eventually visits the other nearby villages and convinces their leaders to band together under his leadership.

    Once Nether possessed true power, the depths of his greed and ambition becomes clear. Instead of seeking to rule the villages in a just and fair manner and to protect them from marauding monsters, Nether instead set about plundering resources. He orders all of the villages treasuries to be stored in Gers, assemble the militias into a single army under his leadership, and then establish himself as the dictator of Netheril. »

  • -3859 DR
  • Several villages on the shores of the Narrow Sea (Fenwick, Gers, Gilan, Gustaf, Moran, Nauseef, and Janick) combine for mutual protection, forming the Alliance of Seventon, which later becomes Netheril. »

  • -3827 DR
  • Nether the Elder announces plans to abolish the rulers of the other villages and oversea the Seventon region from his home in Gers. During the night of celebrating, Alandril kills his father. Speculation suggested that Nether the Elder would have passed rule on to his more ruthless third son, Darzal. The Netherese chose a form of government based loosely on democracy. »