• -2489 DR
  • Arrival of the God-Kings
    The deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending powerful avatars, known as manifestations, of themselves through the endless void of space to Toril, led by the ancient deity Ptah. Upon arriving on Faerun, they further divide their remaining divine essences and create lesser, mortal forms of avatars, known as incarnations. These incarnations descend into the fertile plains of Imaskar and go among their people. The most talented they make priests, and the truly faithful are transformed into divine minions. The Imaskari slaves then revolt against their masters. »

  • -1071 DR
  • During the final Battle of the Gods, Tiamat launches a surprise attack against Gilgeam while he battles Ilneval. The ever-vigilant Marduk (an aspect of Bahamut) intervenes, killing Tiamat before she can land a death blow against Gilgeam, but at the cost of his own life. »

  • -734 DR
  • Enlil decides to leave Toril. His son Gilgeam becomes god-king of Unther. The First Untheric Empire comes to an end. The Untheric calendar begins. »

  • -27 DR [Year of the Masquerade]
  • Ashtukzu I "the Mulan" is sent by Gilgeam to conquer Westgate. Ashtukzu defeats the doppleganger (in the guise of Ryndarth II) and establishes himself as the ruler of the city, declaring it independent of Unther. »

  • 677 DR [Year of Resonant Silence]
  • Gilgeam of Unther sends a naval armada to crush the rebellious League of Samatar. The Untheric fleet suffers terrible losses in a great storm and turns back without landing. »

  • 731 DR [Year of the Visions]
  • A second flood devastates Unthalass in Unther.

    Gilgeam claims the mountain stronghold of the slain brown dragon Vulpomyscan and renames it the Citadel of Black Ash. He instructs scribes to transcribe all the historical records of Unther to the Citadel of Black Ash (as much of it was damaged by the flood). »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Gilgeam slays Tiamat. Tiamat's deific essence is split into three pieces (the red dragon Tchazzar, the blue Gestaniius, and the green Skuthosiin). Tchazzar then finds the other two pieces of Tiamat, at which point Tiamat subsumes Tchazzar to be reborn. Tiamat then goes and slays the still weakened Gilgeam, and Unthalass is heavily damaged during their battle. »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • The high priest of Gilgeam flee with Unther's military elite to the Citadel of Black Ash.
    This group included the following:

    • Lord High Autarch of the First Rank Irakhesh
    • Lord High Commander of the First Rank Enrathman Hokump
    • Lord High Captain of the First Rank Drakophikon (a dracosphinx)
    • Nanna-luna the Merciful (a slave and secret priest of Ishtar)


  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Ches 3 Seeking to combat the Pharaoh of Mulhorand and the rising influence of Bane in Unther, High Priest Zimrilim uses the Alabaster Staff to animate the preserved corpse of the God-King Gilgeam. »

  • 1486 DR [Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls]
  • Gilgeam gains aid from the demon lord Graz'zt in his war against the genasi forces of Shyr. Graz'zt provides Gilgeam with an army of demons to bolster his forces in exchange for powerful Abeiran magic items. »

  • Nightal Mehen seeks out Tarhun to ask him for help to stop a maurezhi servant of the god-kin Gilgeam, who was killing citizens of Djerad Thymar. Tarhun agrees and personally leads the Adjudicators to take care of the matter. However, he is ambushed by the demon who had taken the appearance of Sepideh. The maurezhi demon kills Kepeshkmolik Tarhun. »

  • Nightal 25 One of the maurezhi demons granted to Gilgeam by Graz'zt, whose mission was to infiltrate and debilitate the Shyran defenses, is accidentally sent to Toril through the portal in the Catacombs of Djerad Thymar. After killing all members of the Liberators, the maurezhi begins to accomplish his mission on Djerad Thymar instead, eventually killing Vanquisher Tarhun. The maurezhi is killed by Thymari defenders but, without a Vanquisher, Tymanther is left weakened against a potential invasion. »

  • Nightal 26 Unther returns to Toril.
    Gilgeam leads his forces to lay seige to Djerad Kethendi in an attempt to recover the ruins of Unthalass, starting the First Tymanther-Unther War. »

  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Hammer 6 Yrjixtilex Kallan is chosen as the interim Vanquisher in order to assemble all of Tymanther's military forces, and send a unified front against Unther.
    After the new Vanquisher is elected, Namshita asks for political asylum for her and her forces in exchange for intelligence about the Untherite forces led by Gilgeam. As a preventive measure, members of Clan Shestandeliath uses the Breath of Petron to raise an earth barrier around Djerad Thymar to protect the city. »