• -3717 DR
  • Gray dwarves found Gracklstugh, City of Blades. The first city of its kind in the North, its holdings grow without rival throughout the upper and middle Underdark. »

  • -3392 DR
  • King Horgar Steelshadow II proclaims the founding of Deepkingdom with Gracklstugh as its royal seat, claiming sovereignty over all gray dwarf enclaves north of the Sharnlands and west of the Buried Realms beneath the desert later known as Anauroch. »

  • The Deepbear Battles
  • -1803 DR to -1350 DR
    The duergar of Gracklstaugh destroy the quaggoth nation of Ursadunthar, whose drow-incited survivors retaliate for centuries by raiding outlying duergar settlements. »

  • 284 DR [Year of Fallen Flagons]
  • The duergar from Gracklstugh largely abandon their holdings in Undermountain, known to them as Sargauthan Hold due to the once plentiful veins of mithral beneath what is now known as Mount Waterdeep runs out and Halaster's Hunts make their continued residence untenable. »

  • 972 DR [Year of the Cairngorm Crown]
  • The scattered derro tribes of the Northdark launch a Uniting War against the duergar of Gracklstugh and succeed in slaying King Barthorn V. The Crown Prince and now new King Tarngardt VII, who was mere moments from saving his former king, launches a crusade to exterminate the scattered derro clans of the Northdark, and several hundred derro are brought back to Gracklstugh as slaves. »

  • 1063 DR [Year of the Deluded Tyrant]
  • King Tarngardt VII of Gracklstugh orders the city's derro slaves freed and grants them al the rights and privileges of the city's duergar inhabitants. Those duergar lairds who speculated that a secret group of derro savants was behind the king's sudden change of heart found themselves the targets of assassination. The derro form the Council of Savants. »

  • 1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]
  • Duergar from Gracklstugh establish an outpost beneath Illusk to probe the underground defenses of Mirabar. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Marpenoth A slave caravan from the drow city of Ched Nasad has been ambushed north and east three days' travel outside of Undermountain in the wilds of the Underdark. At least one slave, a scrawny goblin with somewhat addled wits, survives the assault and is rescued by a duergar caravan from Gracklstugh. The goblin slave is turned over to Thaglar of Skullport, and the imperious gray dwarves smith is going to auction him off to the highest bidder. The bidding is expected to be intense, for the lost caravan is believed to have been secretly ferrying at least a half-dozen Netherese blast scepters in addition to several tons of hides and smoked rothe meat, and the goblin is the only surviving witness to the assault. »

  • Three statues created from living beings trasmuted by Vendes Baenre revert to living form and attack their Gracklstugh owners before dissolving into water. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Uktar 3 Kaanyr Vhok and the forces of Gracklstugh (more than 5,000 duergar in more than eight companies, with orc and ogre slaves) begins besieging Menzoberranzan. The forces approached from the southeast, and also swung around and attacked from the north, utilizing a tunnel from outside the city that gave access to Tier Breche where the Academy was located. This remained the main battlefield for quite some time, which the masters of the Academy worked together to prevent the besiegers from overtaking the city. The attackers use stonefire to damage the Academy's structures; they are damaged but remained intact at the end of the siege. In addition, the duergar armies raise undead soldiers to fight from them. At least once, the Archmage of Menzoberranzan was able to turn the undead soldiers against their fellows.

    Just before the siege begins, Gromph Baenre, the Archmage, had been missing for a period of several weeks after being imprisoned by the Lichdrow Dyrr. He returns to find the city under siege and he takes it upon himself to remove Nimor Imphraezl from the picture. He gathers all the mages of House Baenre and attempts to attack Nimor through a scrying crystal. However, Nimor's protections reflect the spells cast upon him, killing Julani Baenre and injuring the other wizards. Gromph then disguises himself and weaponsmaster Andzrel Baenre as tanarukks of the Scourged Legion and enters the enemy camp. Gromph attaches a light gem to Nimor to prevent him from shadow-walking. Nimor transports himself to the Plane of Shadow, but is stuck there for some time, unable to shadow-walk back to the Material Plane.

    At the same time that the city is besieged by outside forces, House Xorlarrin, with some support from other houses, besieges the traitorous House Agrach Dyrr. Gromph Baenre also confronts the Lichdrow Dyrr in a spell battle that destroys the Bazaar. »

  • The duergar Horgar V Steelshadow inherits the throne of Gracklstugh. »