• c. -15000 DR
  • The first great kingdom of the dwarves of Faerun is centered in the great cavern of Bhaerynden (present-day Great Rift), deep beneath the Shaar. »

  • -9000 DR
  • The drow of Telantiwar overwhelm the dwarves of Bhaerynden (present-day Great Rift) and take their rift-city for their own. Surviving dwarves flee to other regions with one large group traveling to the Chultan penninsula before splintering into small tribal groupings, eventually becoming known as the wild dwarves. »

  • c. -8800 DR
  • The Great Caverns of Bhaerynden collapses, creating the Great Rift. »

  • c. -8500 DR
  • Dwarves migrate north from the Great Rift and enter the cavernous realms beneath the Sword Coast South. »

  • c. -7600 DR
  • The drow empire of Telantiwar falls with the collapse of the great cavern Bhaerynden. Drow refugees claim lesser caverns to the north, south, east and west of the newly formed Great Rift, establishing cities such as Llurth Dreier, the City of Ooze. »

  • The dwarves return to their ancestral home, now the Great Rift, and establish the Deep Realm. In the millennia that follows, the Stout Folk of the Deep Realm become known as the gold dwarves. »

  • c. -6000 DR
  • Human nomads start to roam the Shaar in numbers. Trade with the gold dwarves of the Great Rift begins. »

  • -1250 DR
  • Unther battles Yuireshanyaar for control of the southern Aglarondan coast. The star elves are driven back into the woods. Further Untheric expansion near the Great Rift brings this nation into conflict with the gold dwarves of the Deep Realms. »

  • 316 DR [Year of the Vibrant Land]
  • The city of Kholtar is founded by the dwarves of Great Rift for humans to trade with them and each other. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Dwarven Gods roam Citadel Adbar, Ironmaster, the Earthfast Mountains, and the Great Rift, slaying many orcs and other fell creatures during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • War of Gold and Gloom
    A large group of crusading gold dwarves leaves the Great Rift to reclaim the lost caverns of Deep Shanatar. The duergar of Dunspeirrin march on Deep Shanatar as well, and war soon rages between the two armies of the Stout Folk. »

  • 1383 DR [Year of the Vindicated Warrior]
  • War of Gold and Gloom
    The war comes to an unexpected end in the caverns of long-abandoned Barakuir. During the course of a great battle between the Army of Gold and the Army of Steel, the crusaders of the Great Rift discover a collection of ancient runestones detailing the fate of Clan Duergar and the betrayal that led to the fall of their kingdom. This discovery, long forgotten, prompts the loretaker illithids of Oryndoll to unleash an army of thralls against both dwarven hosts, although the gray dwarves suffer most of the casualties. In the end, the dwarves lose more than half their number, but Oryndoll's thrall army is shattered. In an unexpected act of compassion, the commander of the Army of Gold offers the surviving duergar a place within his company. The united Stout Folk then march west into ruined Shanatar, in hopes of claiming a bastion suitable for repelling the inevitable illithid attack to come. »

  • 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Parts of Abeir and Toril switch planes, swapping Maztica and the continent of Laerakond, which is now known as "Returned Abeir".

    Mulhorand is completely destroyed, and the Mulhorandi pantheon disappears. The land is later settled by Deep Imaskari and becomes the empire of High Imaskar.

    Unther is obliterated when a fragment of the dragonborn nation of Tymanchebar is transplanted from Abeir onto it, eventually becoming the realm of Tymanther.

    Chult becomes a large island.

    The Shaar becomes a wasteland called the Shaar Desolation.

    The region surrounding the Great Rift collapses into the Underdark, creating an enormous cataract in the earth called the Underchasm.

    The hin realm of Luiren is completely submerged underwater, becoming the Gulf of Luiren.

    Lantan is hit by massive waves and flooded, killing all of its inhabitants.

    A storm begins over the Mhair Jungle in Halruaa and quickly grows to a large size, blue flames visible in the sky. It lays waste to Halruaa due to the heavy wild magic activity in the area.

    Where once stood the realm of Sespech, the Golden Plains, and the Nagalands, the Spellplague reveals a surreal landscape breathtaking in its beauty, grandeur, and changeability. For the next century, active Spellplague cavorts on this territory called the Plaguewrought Lands, contorting terrain, natural law, and the flesh of any creature that dares enter.

    Evermeet vanishes. While the island remains, all it’s people and buildings are gone, not even ruins are left. All of Evermeet’s closest allies, who have lost all contact assume that Evermeet has been destroyed. However, Evermeet survives in the Feywild, and the fey of the island nation can step back and forth between the Feywild and the ‘echo’ that is left on Toril.

    Sildeyuir rejoins with the Feywild. »