• c. -25400 DR
  • Fleeing the destruction of the island kingdom of Tintageer on their home world of Faerie, a small circle of gold elves led by the young prince Durothil cast a divination to find their new home - on the world of Toril - and then create a portal leading there. The refugees name their new home Faerun, the One Land, and the name of Merrourboros fades into history. Integrating into the native green elf communities, the descendants of the gold elves of Tintageer become known as sun elves, while the descendants of the sole silver elf refugee, Sharlario Moonflower, become known as moon elves. By the end of the first millennium since their arrival, the moon and gold elves had built great cities that rival ancient Atorrnash. »

  • c. -25100 DR
  • Sharlario Moonflower and his son Cornaith visit the dark elf city of Atornash in the south. Durothil takes a silver dragon mount and becomes the first draonrider. Durothil is later slain in battle with the red dragon Mahatnartorian, known to the green elves as Master of the Mountains. »

  • -22900 DR
  • The elf settlement of Illefarn (present-day Ardeep and Kryptgarden Forests and parts of Dessarin Valley) is founded, and green elves join their moon elf cousins in Ardeep. »

  • -21400 DR
  • Establishment of the green elf settlements of Thearnytaar (present-day Thornwood). »

  • -21000 DR
  • Establishment of the green elf settlements of Eiellur (present-day Winterwood). »

  • -18800 DR
  • Establishment of the first elf settlements of Miyeritar (present-day High Moor and Misty Forest) by green and dark elves due to political differences with the gold elves of Aryvandaar. »

  • -17800 DR
  • Establishment of the great elf settlements of Keltormir (present-day Forest of Tethyr that spanned all of Tethyr, Amn, Erlkazar, and Calimshan) by moon elves and green elves, seeking peace and simple lives away from the strife of the other elf realms. »

  • -11400 DR
  • Eiellur falls, as the Ilythiiri once again use fire to destroy an enemy and isolate it from aid. The Ilythiiri are helped by traitor green elves, who believe their acts of appeasement actions can help restore peace. »

  • -9800 DR
  • The Yuirwood is settled by a small number of green elves in the aftermath of the Fourth Crown Wars. »

  • -6600 DR
  • Yuireshanyaar is founded by star elves and green elves in the Yuirwood. »

  • -699 DR [Year of Moon Blades Clashing]
  • The star elves abandon Yuireshanyaar for Sildeyuir. Many green elves choose to remain in the Yuirwood. »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Eleasis The Mezzoloth Marches (Weeping War: Campaign #7)
    A.K.A.: "The Magic Wars"; Scavenger Wars; "Sixth Crown War"
    This is the worst campaign for Cormanthyr up until the last campaigns with the Fall, as they lost many scout troops and much ground, but worse was the claiming of ancient artifacts and tombs by the Army of Darkness. Despite a few victories at great cost, Cormanthyr's Allies lost this campaign due both to poor command decisions and their enemies' use of their own storehouses of magical items.

    This campaign is called the "Sixth Crown War" by some moon elf and green elf historians, after the untimely death of Arkerym Eldar Echorn, the commander of the Fourth Legion, at Vuatiilmaar. After their superior's death and that of the Second and Third Regiments, the three lesser elf commanders spent more time at each others throats over command and social protocols than on the battles. The three arykerym and their predominantly elf Akh'Velahr regiments were respectively gold, moon, and green elves. Despite the nobility of Arykerym Kyrtaar Ammath (sole warrior son of Matriarch Puorlaas Ammath) or the 36 years of seniority of Arykerym Pollae "Swiftsprint" among the officers, the haughty and spoiled Arykerym Iolas Eyriendor believed he had the right to promote himself to Arkerym rank, having claimed Eldar Echorn's sword (and his being a gold elf and thus above the others).

    Their commanders' internal squabbles and jockeying for power saw many field officers suddenly having to make command decisions that cost them more troops than were necessary, had there been command coordination among the brigades and regiments in battle. More troops were lost in perimeter skirmishes and patrol ambushes (even some by friendly fire), since no central coordination of scouts and patrols left gaps in the encamped legion's defenses. While outright warfare never existed among these troops, neither did coordination and unity, which were needed against their enemies: the Vindakkar battalion under the direct command of General Vulnoss, the sole yagnoloth officer among the entire Army of Darkness and former brow-beaten second under Commander Malimshaer. »

  • Eleasis 8 The Battle of Three Arrows (Weeping War: Campaing #7)
    A.K.A.: Jvoll's Folly; Four Penaals' Loss
    Penaal Akkar Tarsis, a green elf ranger of the Rystallimar Brigade, might have led the troops to victory by sheer will and fervor, as every move he and his brigade made mowed down near-whole squadrons of the enemy! However, the battle's name comes fromt the three arrows that pierced Akkar's throat and ended his life, just as he was standing atop a downed hill giant and rallying the Alliance troops with a wild war-whoop. Despite the Rystallimar Brigade's advances, conflicted and conservative commanders began to fall back and accede defeat. This was a dispiriting trend that continued for the next month.

    Major deaths include:
    [Myth Drannor]
    Penaal Jhiilsraa, Penaal Ainesilver, Penaal Eloen "Blackbow", Penaal Akkar Tarsis, Fourth Regiment of the Vindakkar and its Colonel Jvoll. »

  • 900 DR to 1050 DR
  • Human settlers and green elves mix in the Yuirwood, giving rise to a nation of half-elves, the Cha-Tel'Quessir. »