• 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • A burning, yet untouched Tome of the Morning is seen carried down the streets of Waterdeep in the summer of this year. A local Lathanderian sees the book and reports it to the local temple. A message is found seared into the gates of the Spires of the Morning temple: "To all who love Lathander, seek the book that burned bright this night and yet was not consumed. Far from here, where men and caravans pass by the frozen Warrior King, however hard he rides".

    Abrith Greilslake, a visiting adventurer from Cormyr, unravels the riddle to refer to the statue of King Dhalmass in Arabel and hastens there. He finds the Tome strapped to the shoulders of the statue and claims it. However, he is forced into hiding in the Stonelands as Cormyrean officials lay claim to the Tome since it was found on crown property. Cormyrean hunting parties give chase, but run into Zhentarim bands, who also were seeking the Tome. The fate of Abrith and the Tome is unknown. »