• 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • The Tuigan Horde attacks Thay. Although a small scouting force of Tuigans was defeated by Thayan magic, General Batu Min Ho proved a far worthier foe. Thousands of gnolls and the vaunted Griffon Legion are defeated at the mouth of Shar's Pass. Zulkir Szass Tam arranges a truce with the Tuigans and builds a great portal to transport them north to Rashemen.

    The Tuigans besiege and destroy Citadel Rashemar, with the main force moving west across the High Country to attack forces rallied by the Witches at the Lake of Tears. Pinned by the Thayan army south of Lake Mulsantir, the largest force of Rashemi berserkers is unable to support the Witches, who can only delay the immense horde.

    Thousands of refugees stream across Lake Ashane fleeing the Tuigan Horde. A few of the more determined head toward Uthmere and settle along the Great Road. To this day, the people of the Great Dale refer to these people as "the newcomers". »

  • 1375 DR [Year of Risen Elfkin]
  • Kythorn 4 The Thayan army known as the Griffon Legion reclaims Pyarados from the undead invaders. In the days that follow, Thay's legions march up Thazar Pass to destroy those that escaped. »

  • Kythorn 14 The Griffon Legion of Thay retakes Thazar Keep. »

  • Kythorn 27 After Szass Tam's plan to march an army south and seize Bezantur is slowed by the Griffon Legion, the Zulkir of Necromancy and the six other zulkirs settle in for a long civil war. »

  • 1478 DR [Year of the Dark Circle]
  • The exiled Thayan Zulkirs lead their army into Thay accompanied by Aoth Fezim's Griffon Legion and Braeris Anskuld in an attempt to stop Szass Tam's plan to destroy the multiverse and build it anew as he sees fit.

    Lallara Mediocros (Zulkir of Abjuration), Malark Springhill, Samas Kul (Zulkir of Transmutation), Braeris Anskuld, Nevron (Zulkir of Conjuration), and Lauzoril (Zulkir of Evocation) die fighting Tam.

    After defeating Szass Tam, Aoth Fezim leads the Brotherhood of the Griffon into Impiltur to fight a demon-worshiping cult. The Brotherhood is betrayed by a noble and is forced to retreat, later finding employment in Chessenta. »