• 1385 DR [Year of Blue Fire]
  • Voolad escapes from his magical prison which failed due to the chaos of the Spellplague. The druid conquers Thruldar and joins the Beastlands as a Beast Lord, controlling all that remains of the eastern Lluirwood, as well as the lands south of the Toadsquat foothills to the shore of the Gulf of Luiren. The ghost maintains an army of undead, foul plant creatures, weird beasts, giant insects, and ogres. »

  • Parts of Abeir and Toril switch planes, swapping Maztica and the continent of Laerakond, which is now known as "Returned Abeir".

    Mulhorand is completely destroyed, and the Mulhorandi pantheon disappears. The land is later settled by Deep Imaskari and becomes the empire of High Imaskar.

    Unther is obliterated when a fragment of the dragonborn nation of Tymanchebar is transplanted from Abeir onto it, eventually becoming the realm of Tymanther.

    Chult becomes a large island.

    The Shaar becomes a wasteland called the Shaar Desolation.

    The region surrounding the Great Rift collapses into the Underdark, creating an enormous cataract in the earth called the Underchasm.

    The hin realm of Luiren is completely submerged underwater, becoming the Gulf of Luiren.

    Lantan is hit by massive waves and flooded, killing all of its inhabitants.

    A storm begins over the Mhair Jungle in Halruaa and quickly grows to a large size, blue flames visible in the sky. It lays waste to Halruaa due to the heavy wild magic activity in the area.

    Where once stood the realm of Sespech, the Golden Plains, and the Nagalands, the Spellplague reveals a surreal landscape breathtaking in its beauty, grandeur, and changeability. For the next century, active Spellplague cavorts on this territory called the Plaguewrought Lands, contorting terrain, natural law, and the flesh of any creature that dares enter.

    Evermeet vanishes. While the island remains, all it’s people and buildings are gone, not even ruins are left. All of Evermeet’s closest allies, who have lost all contact assume that Evermeet has been destroyed. However, Evermeet survives in the Feywild, and the fey of the island nation can step back and forth between the Feywild and the ‘echo’ that is left on Toril.

    Sildeyuir rejoins with the Feywild. »

  • 1386 DR [Year of the Halfling's Lament]
  • A portion of Toril's sibling world Abeir violently exchanges places with large section of Chondath and western Chessenta. Displaced genasi from the Abeiran land of Shyr quickly set about creating a kingdom of their own.

    The former expanse of the Sea of Fallen Stars is altered when wide portions of the landscape collapse into the Underdark. When the sea level reaches its new equilibrium, the average drop in water level measured nearly 50 feet. The waters of the Vilhon Reach were similarly drained, uncovering several drowned ruins from ancient Jhaamdath.

    The shallow Gulph of Luiren is formed when the hin nation is swallowed up by the Great Sea. »