• 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • Halacar Olosynne, son of Ulae is born in Aglarond. »

  • 1257 DR [Year of the Killing Wave]
  • The Gray Sisters pass away within a few days of each other. Halacar Olosynne, the son Ulae, becomes the king of Aglarond. »

  • 1260 DR [Year of the Broken Blade]
  • Battle of Lapendrar
    Halacar Olosynne of Aglarond launches an invasion of Thay, advancing along the Lapendrar. The Red Wizards destroy his army. »

  • 1261 DR [Year of Bright Dreams]
  • Ilione Olosynne becomes the third Mage-Queen (after Thara and Ulae) of Aglarond when her brother Halacar is assassinated (by poisoning) by agents of Thay. »