• 168 DR [Year of Scattered Stars]
  • A wizard of unknown ancestry calling himself Halaster Blackcloak later identified as the Raurinese wizard Hilather builds a tower (using summoned demons and other outsiders) and a fortified ramparts in the middle of the Deepwater Plateau, to the north and west of the burgeoning farms along the harbor shore in Waterdeep. The tower is called Halaster's Hold. He is accompanied by his apprentices (which included Arcturia). He begins exploration of the Underhalls of the Melairkyn and claims the delvings for himself.

    Halaster discovers the remnants of the Sargauth Enclave, and recognizing the danger posed by the future Skulls of Skullport, retreats from their area and forbids his apprentices from investigating the area. »

  • 974 DR [Year of the Haunting Harpy]
  • Highharvestide Castle Waterdeep is completed. The city walls expand (now abutting the wall around Halaster's Hold for defense) and the worn log palisades become new, high stone walls. Lauroun becomes the first female War Lord of the city and takes up residence in Castle Waterdeep. »

  • 1007 DR [Year of the Bold Barbarian]
  • The city walls of Waterdeep expand, absorbing the ruins of Halaster's Hold (the walls run along the line of what are now the northern borders of Dock and Southern Wards) Ahghairon creates magical barriers on the Hold to prevent dangers from escaping into the city. He also creates himself a wizard tower, positioning it outiside the walls. »

  • 1306 DR [Year of Thunder]
  • Durnan establishes the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep over the ruins of Halaster's Hold, controlling the access to the dungeons (Undermountain) beneath the city. »