• 10 DR [Year of Dreams]
  • Birth of Kymer Ithal, first half-elf son of Yardane of Tethyr. »

  • 70 DR [Year of the Mournful Dance]
  • Yrdas Ithal, fourth half-elf son of Kymer is born in Tethyr. »

  • 135 DR [Year of the Halfling's Dale]
  • Birth of Silvyr Ithal, second elven son of Yrdas, the exiled half elf king of Tethyr. »

  • 523 DR [Year of Trials Arcane]
  • Younger moon elves of Clan Starym return to Myth Drannor from Eaerlann, Illefarn, and elsewhere to Myth Drannor, restoring that house as a social power and taking over the house lordship with the absence of Josidiah Starym. As a stalling maneuver to prevent Josidiah's loss of status, the Coronal demands that the current Lord, Illitran Starym draw his family's moonblade, long held in trust and undrawn since its forging to attest to the loyalty and worthiness of the clan and its lord.

    Lord Illitran Starym undergoes a Cleansing March, a three-month-long trek out into the deepest woods of Cormanthyr intended to purify his spirit and ready him for the responsibilities of wielding a moonblade. Unknown to all, he treks to Monader's abandoned temple and forges a pact with the imprisoned deity, allowing him to draw the blade upon his return to the City of Songs without suffering its retributive powers and corrupting the blade to be designed to slay humans and half-elves. »

  • 616 DR [Year of the Ensorceled Kings]
  • The rings that make up the Moonweb (an artifact of Selune) first appeared in the Realms individually, green to devout Selunites by the Shards (servitors of the goddess) in the dark years after the fall of Netheril. They served as minor magical aids and as focal points for prayers to the goddess.

    Eventually, two of the rings are unwittingly brought together in this year when Selunite clergy meet to plan the the future of the faith at Manystreams (an inn run by half elves that stood in a steep-sided lush, wooded valley near Mount Hlim, into which many streams fell, and operated as a meeting place for the beneficent and powerful). Selune appears in the dreams of all the assembled priests, telling them of the four rings and bidding them seek the two missing ones.

    The names and powers of the rings are as follows:

    • Amglaer: Accelerate healing, moonbeam and true seeing, and if one of the other three rings is also worn by the same being who is wearing Amglaer, air walk
    • Enthandas: Dispel magic, water breathing, and water walk (only while natural moonlight is shining ont the water), and, if Shelmroun is also worn by the Same being who is wearing Enthandos, Neutralize poison
    • Shelmroun: Efficacious monster ward, heroes' feast, and moonmotes (identical in all respects to magic missle, unleashing six missles), and, if Tilithar is also worn by the same being who is wearing Shelmroun, heal
    • Tilithar: Fire storm, remove curse, and remove paralysis, and, if Amglaer is also worn by the same being who is wearing Tilithar, restoration.

    The current bearers of the rings Amglaer and Shelmroun, are Randar Rheligonther, Moon Priest of Neverwinter, and Amtheiera Summerdusk, Lunequeen of Danthaldown (a now-vanished Selunite monastary). »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Hammer 29 The Lost Trench (Weeping War: Campaign #8)
    A.K.A.: Gaulguth's Bane, Fall of the Fearsome Front, Eight Hammers' Strike, Dumathoin's Hammer, (Battle of) Fletching Green, the Darkness Charge
    One of the greatest battles of the entire Weeping War, the strategies and tactics for this battle had been planned since the Four Fronts War of the previous year with the discovery of old diplomatic-access tunnels from Sarphil under the Old Elven Court ruins. As the Army of Darkness had driven many of the drow from the tunnels, they were empty and ready to be rigged for traps to use against the yugoloths and their allied hordes. In fact, most encounters of the Darkness to this area just north of the ruins, close to the Garrison of Fletching Green.

    After much harrying and taunting, Gaulguth the Berserker and much of his main army were drawn within the Darkwoods by rumors of more magic, an encamped elf army weakened by drow attacks, and an alleged ancient red wyrm awakened by the fray and wishing to join them. As the nine regiments marched towards the Elven Court, they were met by a long succession of preset spells, traps, and elf archers. For most of the first day and night of battle, harassment tactics and delays fo this sort were used by the Allies against the three battalions of Darkness as they closed toward the temple city. By the first light of dawn on the last day of the Year of the Firedrake, Gaulguth and his forces had lost all patience and strategy - exactly as planned by the Allies - and merely charged forward the remaining miles.

    With the Army of Darkness bearing down in a charge, a long line of 40 humans, dwarves, centaurs, and half-elves (the strongest members of the Allied army assembled there, further size- and strength-enhanced by magic) stood, hidden by the fleeting darkness and a blind of leaves and brambles. Each stood at a 7'-long mithral spike that glimmered in their torchlight, and they waited. When the enemy's charge was in hearing range, the dwarf drummers behind the line began pounding a rhythm, and the spikers stood their ground. When the Army of Darkness broke through the trees 200 yards north of them, the drums still pounded and the spikers waited, each with a massive mallet ready. As the horde closed the gap swiftly, the Allies stood ready without fear.

    When they reached a certain point, a flaming arrow arced high over the battlefield. The dwarves' drums sounded once, twice, thrice, and then a thunderous boom accompanied their final beat as the spikers all slammed their mithral spikes into the ground in unison. This collapsed the old tunnels to Sarphil along a mile-long front before them, creating a 150'-deep and 90'-wide pit! Unable to break their charge, most of the Army's battalions were slain within moments, whether buried beneath the rock and soil collapsing beneath and behind them, impaled upon their comrades' spears, or merely crushed beneath the weight of the charging troops that fell atop them!

    Gaulguth, at the head of that charge, erupted from beneath the hundreds of his slain troops, roaring in outrage and fury as he strove to free himself and fly across the gap to battle. Without a second's thought, the half-human, half-dwarf son of Clan Chief Jhax Narlgold ripped the driven-home mithral spike from the wall of the pit. Using his own strength and weight, Anthan Narlgold, heir of Clan Narlgold, threw himself directly down at the still-partially trapped Gaulguth, roared a challenge at the fearsome nycaloth to gain his attention, and impaled the field commander fully through the heart and vitals with the 7'-long solid mithral spike! The roar of victory from the Allied rranks was soon drowned out by horror, as the first fingers of dawn reflected off the ichor- and gore-covered metal of the great axe Heartcleaver. With a blood-bubbling roar of fury, the dying nycaloth swung it high and sank the axe through the dwarf, splitting his slayer in twain as he died.

    Still, Anthan's heroism and the plans and strategies of Captain Selorn, Battlemaster Vuth Steelire, and Clan Chief Jhax Narlgold broke the back of that army. Only two marches of the last regiment of the Darkness charge escaped this battle alive, as archers' fire and magic picked off most as they attempted to flee. The other enemies, if they survived the pit and clambered up their fallen comrades and the pit walls, met their deaths at the hands of a wall of axes, swords, and strafing magic. In all, it took nearly two full days before all enemies before Captain Selorn's army were gone or dead. With only a few heroic sacrifices, the Allies had slain more than 20,000 enemies with almost one collective swing of 40 hammers!

    This event lasts until Midwinter's Dawn, 714 DR.

    Major deaths include:
    Anthan Narlgold, son of Jhax; Gaulguth the Nycaloth, the Agonists, Tormentaar, and Painful battalions of the First Legion. »

  • Kythorn 30 The Reprieve of Silver (Weeping War: Campaign #12)
    A.K.A.: The Crownfrost Crusade
    The Reprieve of Silver involved the happenstance arrival of the Seven of Silver via gateway from Silverymoon. They and some others of Cormanthyr sacrificed their lives to allow a dozen wizards (three elf teachers and nine apprentices, including the noble elf Elenaril, two elves, two half-elves, and four humans) to excape from Crownfrost Tower with their lives intact. With the gateway safely closed behind them, the Seven of Silver and their allies managed to seal the Crownfrost Tower in a massive prismatic sphere-like spell that kept Aulmpiter isolated from his primary troops for more than five days (during which time he slaughtered each and every one of his captors personally).

    Major deaths in this battle include the following:
    The Seven of Silver (unexpected allies from Silverymoon), Klaern Kadelaryn (senior mage-instructor of Crownfrost Tower); General Khitax (reassigned to the Vindakkar). »

  • 715 DR [Year of Hungry Jaws]
  • Birth of Strohm III Ithal, human great-great-great grandson of Strohm II in Tethyr. »

  • 744 DR [Year of the Jeweled Aerie]
  • Birth of the half-elf Cathyr Hazm'cri, the future ruler of Dambrath. »

  • 757 DR [Year of Lost Wayfarers]
  • The Eldreth Veluuthra are recorded as conducting their first slayings of human and half-elf crossbreeds. »

  • 760 DR [Year of Drifting Stars]
  • The human Dornal Silverhand and the half-elven Elue Shundar are wed. »

  • 870 DR [Year of the Hooded Tracker]
  • Woodsfollk and adventurers from Velprin meet the Yuir elves, who had avoided contact with their human neighbors for centuries. »

  • 900 DR to 1050 DR
  • Human settlers and green elves mix in the Yuirwood, giving rise to a nation of half-elves, the Cha-Tel'Quessir. »

  • 974 DR [Year of the Haunting Harpy]
  • The stronghold of the retired half-elf adventurer Sulass Drowsbane grows into the city of Sulasspryn on the Moonsea. »

  • 996 DR [Year of the Disfiguring Scar]
  • The half-elf bard Wythyndle dies in the winter of this year. Wythyndle was the one whom Milil gave the Round Book (an artifact of Milil) to, some unknown years past, as he sat alone on a nameless mountaintop in the easter Cloven Mountains, singing the god's praises. Milil the carried Wythyndle down to the gates of the House of Alastrin, a Sorlyn (Sorlyn temples are temples dedicated to Milil, and Alastrin has since vanished) temple below that peak. The Round Book (sometimes also called Wythyndle's Round Book) then travels the Realms, in the hands of various adventurers. »

  • 1022 DR [Year of the Wandering Wyvern]
  • The half-elven hero Aglauntaras builds the Tower of the Rising Moon in Deepingdale. »

  • 1033 DR [Year of the Dreamforging]
  • The half-elves of the Yuirwood take up arms to resist the humans of Velprin. Border clashes grow bitter. »

  • 1059 DR [Year of the Broken Pillar]
  • Indrila's army (of Velprin) destroys a hastily mustered militia of half-elves and drives the Yuir deep into the forest. Brindor Olosynne, the war leader of the Yuir, retreats and begins to build up his own forces. »

  • 1065 DR [Year of the Watching Wood]
  • Battle of Ingdal's Arm
    The Yuir half-elves defeat Queen Indrila Demaz's army to the last soldier. The half-elves dictate peace to the surviving settlements of Velprin, forging the new nation of Aglarond. The half-elf Brindor Olosynne is elected Aglarond's first king. Thus begins the Olosynne Dynasty of Agalrond. »

  • 1100 DR [Year of the Bloodrose]
  • The moon elves of Loudwater and its surrounding environs begin a Retreat to Evereska in the face of an increasing human and half-elven presence. »

  • 1167 DR [Year of the Parchment Heretical]
  • Birth of Kymer Rhindaun, the half-elf bastard son of Alemander II in Tethyr. »