• -3637 DR
  • The small village of Zenith is established and believed to be the northern-most town in all of Netheril. Situated on a narrow strip of land and surrounded by the Narrow Sea, it seemed a logical place to build a great port city.

    Unfortunately, trade was still in its infancy when Zenith was established. By the time trade became a major issue in Netheril, the city of Northreach had already been established and Harborage served as a stopping place for all east-west trade upon the sea. »

  • -2442 DR
  • The city of Harborage begins trade with a clan of cloud giants, the Amanir clan, who live in the northern Channel Mountains. Trade lasts until after the fall of Netheril till -339 DR. »

  • -2189 DR
  • Birth of Aksa of Netheril in Harborage. »

  • -2019 DR
  • Death of Aksa of Netheril in Harborage.
    He was a fierce man who was prone to sudden actions, many of which were poorly planned. He lived in a large home in the island city of Harborage, a structure that was always in need of emergency repair. He created a variety of useful spells in his 170 years of life.

    When experimenting with his disintegrate spell, Aksa disintegrated one-inch holes through the north wall of his house. He had expected an entire section of the wall to disintegrate instead, and was rather surprised that the spell was behaving this way. He was so enamored with the effect, however, that he cast the spell two more times, causing the entire north face of the house to collapse. He shrugged his shoulders and began experimenting with altered versions on the south wall while builders scurried to repair the damage.

    Aksa was gruff and hard to get close to, but his rough demeanor was just an act. He was especially fond of children, frequently taking time out of his research to disguise himself as a street vendor and perform for the children. His disguise fooled no one in Harborage, but his shows were quite entertaining and frequently contained a message for the adults in his audience. »

  • -1660 DR
  • Birth of Enollar of Netheril in Harborage. »

  • -1642 DR
  • At the age of 18, Enollar, who had spent most of his youth working at the docks of Harborage to make ends meet, stows away on a ship to Seventon, where he is allowed to study magic at Alimon's Mental Academy, a small school run by a little-known mentalist. »

  • -1561 DR
  • Death of Enollar of Netheril in Harborage.
    After graduating from Alimon's Mental Academy (where he was the academy's most impressive student), and he quickly left the school to begin a career of his own. Traveling enclave to enclave, the young mentalist took in as much of Netherese culture "as could be tolerated" before returning home to Harborage to concentrate on spell creation. »