• 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Hammer 28 Oloriil (Weeping War: Campaign #2)
    A.K.A.: The Entrenchment; Gaulguth's Glance
    What little is known of this battle is that the main Army of Darkness wrapped around the remaining settlements of Oloriil while the Harpers fought the western flank of this army at the Battle of Twilight's Falling. The small villages could do nothing but flee on the first day before the Army of Darkness fully closed about it or die fighting within one's own home-trees. This area remained claimed by the Army of Darkness as an entrenched base throughout the war and beyond, used as an orc and ogre enclave until Higharvestide of the Year of the Painful Price (718 DR).

    Within the Army of Darkness, this battle was known as Gaulguth's Glance, simply because the nycaloth powerhouse slew everything that fell under his notice, including his own troops! Lost to a berserker rage for much of the final day of battle, Gaulguth alone slew nearly half of the casualties among the elves and one-fifth of the casualties among his own forces. After this slaughter, General Khitax made sure that he planned troop placements carefully to avoid losing his own forces to the thirsty edge of Heartcleaver.

    This event lasts until Hammer 30, 712 »

  • Eleint 10 The Dawn Fronts Campaign (Weeping War: Campaign #5)
    A.K.A.: "The Eastern Front"; The Spiders' Truce Wars, The Battles Above and Below
    Despite the great advances made against the Army of Darkness, the Allies of Cormanthyr lost their momentum in this campaign, allowing the Army to re-establish some entrenchments closer to the capital. This was not an organized campaign, since it broke up into many skirmishes and a few isolated sub-campaigns, the two largest and most noted of which are below.

    The Second Elven Court Crusade: The Clash at the Duelists' Arena, the Spiders' Assault, the Battle of Temples' Blight, the Four-Front War, and the Starsdark Clashes are the quintet of battles comprised the so-called Second Elven Court Crusade, and they all operated under the Spiders' Truce. The primary tactic of the elf armies was to drive the Army of Darkness into the ruins and hold them there. This tactic either would see them destroyed by the spiders and other monsters therein or they would inadvertently aid the elves in clearing out the spiders.

    The Three Green wing Wars: These three battles were so named for their primary ally, a spelljamming elf man-o-war ship! Responding to a magical plea for help from a grounded ally among Cormanthyr's wizards, the Elven Imperial Fleet of Realmspace sent Captain Oncith Ilbenalu to aid the elves with his green crystalline-winged man-o-war battlecraft, the Monarch Mordent. Dominating the three battles in which it participated, the Monarch provided air cover and heavy weaponry with its ballistae and catapult that aided the ground troops immeasurably. With the Third Greenwing War, Captain Oncith's pride overcame his sense as he maneuvered too close to the treetops and the Army of Darkness forces that his helmsman could not maneuver effectively. When Gaulguth the nycoloth flew skyward, there was little beyond ineffectual missile fire to stop him from using his great axe Heartcleaver to shatter one of the ship's wings at its base. With the magical shock slaying the helmsman immediately, the Monarch Mordent crashed into the trees and atop nearly 200 members of the Army of Darkness. Since that lost battle, the photosynthetic wings continued to grow, and large crystalline webworks wrapped around the clearings and the trees in this northern glade now called Monarch's Fall Glade. While most animals shun the amber-and-emerald crystal webs and walls, many elves used this as a redoubt and shelter both during and long after the war.

    This campaign lasts until Alturiak 713 (a total of 133 days). »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Hammer 29 The Lost Trench (Weeping War: Campaign #8)
    A.K.A.: Gaulguth's Bane, Fall of the Fearsome Front, Eight Hammers' Strike, Dumathoin's Hammer, (Battle of) Fletching Green, the Darkness Charge
    One of the greatest battles of the entire Weeping War, the strategies and tactics for this battle had been planned since the Four Fronts War of the previous year with the discovery of old diplomatic-access tunnels from Sarphil under the Old Elven Court ruins. As the Army of Darkness had driven many of the drow from the tunnels, they were empty and ready to be rigged for traps to use against the yugoloths and their allied hordes. In fact, most encounters of the Darkness to this area just north of the ruins, close to the Garrison of Fletching Green.

    After much harrying and taunting, Gaulguth the Berserker and much of his main army were drawn within the Darkwoods by rumors of more magic, an encamped elf army weakened by drow attacks, and an alleged ancient red wyrm awakened by the fray and wishing to join them. As the nine regiments marched towards the Elven Court, they were met by a long succession of preset spells, traps, and elf archers. For most of the first day and night of battle, harassment tactics and delays fo this sort were used by the Allies against the three battalions of Darkness as they closed toward the temple city. By the first light of dawn on the last day of the Year of the Firedrake, Gaulguth and his forces had lost all patience and strategy - exactly as planned by the Allies - and merely charged forward the remaining miles.

    With the Army of Darkness bearing down in a charge, a long line of 40 humans, dwarves, centaurs, and half-elves (the strongest members of the Allied army assembled there, further size- and strength-enhanced by magic) stood, hidden by the fleeting darkness and a blind of leaves and brambles. Each stood at a 7'-long mithral spike that glimmered in their torchlight, and they waited. When the enemy's charge was in hearing range, the dwarf drummers behind the line began pounding a rhythm, and the spikers stood their ground. When the Army of Darkness broke through the trees 200 yards north of them, the drums still pounded and the spikers waited, each with a massive mallet ready. As the horde closed the gap swiftly, the Allies stood ready without fear.

    When they reached a certain point, a flaming arrow arced high over the battlefield. The dwarves' drums sounded once, twice, thrice, and then a thunderous boom accompanied their final beat as the spikers all slammed their mithral spikes into the ground in unison. This collapsed the old tunnels to Sarphil along a mile-long front before them, creating a 150'-deep and 90'-wide pit! Unable to break their charge, most of the Army's battalions were slain within moments, whether buried beneath the rock and soil collapsing beneath and behind them, impaled upon their comrades' spears, or merely crushed beneath the weight of the charging troops that fell atop them!

    Gaulguth, at the head of that charge, erupted from beneath the hundreds of his slain troops, roaring in outrage and fury as he strove to free himself and fly across the gap to battle. Without a second's thought, the half-human, half-dwarf son of Clan Chief Jhax Narlgold ripped the driven-home mithral spike from the wall of the pit. Using his own strength and weight, Anthan Narlgold, heir of Clan Narlgold, threw himself directly down at the still-partially trapped Gaulguth, roared a challenge at the fearsome nycaloth to gain his attention, and impaled the field commander fully through the heart and vitals with the 7'-long solid mithral spike! The roar of victory from the Allied rranks was soon drowned out by horror, as the first fingers of dawn reflected off the ichor- and gore-covered metal of the great axe Heartcleaver. With a blood-bubbling roar of fury, the dying nycaloth swung it high and sank the axe through the dwarf, splitting his slayer in twain as he died.

    Still, Anthan's heroism and the plans and strategies of Captain Selorn, Battlemaster Vuth Steelire, and Clan Chief Jhax Narlgold broke the back of that army. Only two marches of the last regiment of the Darkness charge escaped this battle alive, as archers' fire and magic picked off most as they attempted to flee. The other enemies, if they survived the pit and clambered up their fallen comrades and the pit walls, met their deaths at the hands of a wall of axes, swords, and strafing magic. In all, it took nearly two full days before all enemies before Captain Selorn's army were gone or dead. With only a few heroic sacrifices, the Allies had slain more than 20,000 enemies with almost one collective swing of 40 hammers!

    This event lasts until Midwinter's Dawn, 714 DR.

    Major deaths include:
    Anthan Narlgold, son of Jhax; Gaulguth the Nycaloth, the Agonists, Tormentaar, and Painful battalions of the First Legion. »