• 882 DR [Year of the Curse]
  • Moon elf refugees from Eaerlann resettle Ardeep and rebuilt the realm. A brief alliance with the humans dwelling along the Delimbiyr and the dwarves of the Forlorn Hills founders because of lingering suspicious about the role of humans in the fall of Ascalhorn, later to be known as Hellgate Keep. This alliance is dubbed the Fallen Kingdom (the same name already given to Phalorm), much to the confusion of later historians. »

  • 883 DR [Year of the Giant's Oath]
  • Wulgreth of Ascalhorn flees Hellgate Keep and takes refuge in the ruined city of Karse. While attempting to tap the immortal power of the dead god Karsus, he is slain by his servant Jhingleshod. The magical energies unleashed upon his death create the Dire Wood and transform Wulgreth of Ascalhorn into a lich. »

  • An eddy of magical chaos emanating from Hellgate Keep causes the Hall of Mists and Grandfather Tree in the High Forest to be infested with a colony of warped, gargantuan red ants. »

  • 886 DR [Year of the Fell Firebreak]
  • Harpers place wards around Hellgate Keep to prevent demons from using their gate abilities. »

  • The Hall of Mists is infested by a colony of giant red ants that were spawned by an eddy of magical chaos emanating from Hellgate Keep. »

  • 890 DR [Year of the Burning Tree]
  • The demons beneath Hellgate Keep begin tunneling to bypass the Harper's wards. »

  • 912 DR [Year of the Sudden Journey]
  • Demons tunneling from under Hellgate Keep reach the Nether Mountains. »

  • 964 DR [Year of the Pickled Privateer]
  • Yornar, the ranger hero of Mielikki is lost in the woods and beset by bugbears. He asks Mielikki for aid, and she grants him Yornar's Trail Companion and instructs him to keep and then give it to the one of her choosing. Eventually, Yornar passes the Companion to the priestess Emthreena Gulkryn in this year (who was fighting the spreading influence of Hellgate Keep in the eastern High Forest).

    She also recieves instruction to pass on the Companion, and so forth, as the Companion passed on from one needy ranger to the next priest, as Mielikki willed. This process comes to be known among Mielikkans as the "the Rightful Cycle", from priest wielder, to ranger carrier, to priest wielder. »

  • 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • The demons of Hellgate Keep link the catacombs beneath Ascalhorn with the deep tunnels of Ammarindar. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Demons tunnel from Hellgate Keep to the Nameless Dungeon. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • Grintharke, the balor demon leader of Hellgate Keep, is slain by elf adventurers, and a trio of marilith demons seize control of that dark city. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe, led by the Annis Hag Tanta Hagara, conquers the fiendridden fortress of Hellgate Keep, and Tanta becomes its new ruler. It is suspected that Tanta had already gained allies in the keep before she had invaded. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • A group of Harpers infiltrate Hellgate Keep using cloaking magic and reveal that Tanta Hagara is actually an annis hag. This revelation does not hamper the Blue Bear's respect for their chieftain. Hellgate Keep begins attacking caravans en route to Sundabar, and a few expeditionary forces of demons (tanar'ri) are sent to harass the Citadel of the Mists, Sundabar, and Silverymoon.

    Alustriel is able to defend Silverymoon with her magic, and the Gem of the North suffers no damage. Similarly, the Mistmaster of the Citadel of the Mist defends his home (with the help of treants of the High Forest). Sundabar however suffers greatly as the fiends break through the walls and ravaged though the city streets. Helm Dwarfriend leads a large contingent of the city guard to drive the fiends from Sundabar. They are successful, but the fiends leave the city burning. The city is extinguished in two days and repairs begin.

    In mid Eleasias, Turlang, lord of the treants of the High Forest begins actively defending the Citadel of the Mist. Tanta sends her forces of fiends and Blue Bear barbarians to attack the Citadel of the Mist. At the same time, the Mistmaster sends two Harpers, the bard Cryshana Fireglen and a priest of Mystra known as Spellviper. They carry with them two pieces of the Gatekeeper's Crystal artifact. The two Harpers volunteers for the suicide mission, and when the Mistmaster activated the artifact, a blazing beam of purple energy illuminated the skies over the keep, the magical wards surrounding Hellgate Keep to collapse and destroy everything in the area, including Tantra Hagara and the Blue Bear Uthgardt tribe. This also frees the surviving daemonfey of House Dlardrageth from their millennia imprisonment, including Sarya Dlardrageth.

    The attacking force from Hellgate Keep, unsure of what happened or what to do next, are attacked by treants, and fae (korred, centaurs, satyrs, dryads). While the forces of Hellgate Keep were defeated, Fauarel Blackhammer, the lord protector of Triboar falls in battle. »

  • Turlang and some of his fellow treants guard the crater where Hellgate Keep was (now called Hellgate Dell), blocking all travel north of Sundabar that goes near Hellgate Dell. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The treants of Tall Trees led by Turlang the Thoughtful seal off Hellgate Keep (now called Hellgate Dell) and begin reforesting the upper Delimbiyr.

    The Company of the Jaded Heart disappears into the ruins of Hellgate Keep. »