• -3386 DR
  • Hoyden is established by elves seeking to end the squabbling between the nations of Eaerlann, Miyeritar, and Illefarn. Hoyden enjoys a peaceful existence with the sylphs and pixies. Each helped the other in dealing with the troublesome orcs of the Hidden Forest; the orcs, in turn, quickly learned to leave Hoyden alone, though infrequent tests of the village's defenses were not unheard of. »

  • -455 DR [Year of Rebellious Streets]
  • The orc forces of the Hidden Forest strike the city of Earsome, destroying all outlying farms and villages along the way. The city gates are destroyed along with the city's mythallar, and a war rages throughout Earsome as the city burns. Only the arrival of the floating city of Delia saves Earsome from complete destruction. »

  • -342 DR [Year of Sovereign Truth]
  • Earsome Masacre
    The orcs of the Hidden Forest attack the city of Earsome of Netheril en masse during the spring. The battle rages on for two months, but there is no savior for Earsome through any enclave this time. »