• -18800 DR
  • Establishment of the first elf settlements of Miyeritar (present-day High Moor and Misty Forest) by green and dark elves due to political differences with the gold elves of Aryvandaar. »

  • The Crown Wars
  • -12000 DR to -9000 DR
    The Crown Wars of the Elves erupted more than a dozen millennia ago, pitting nearly four generations of elf. The two greatest events of the Crown Wars that still have impact are the Dark Disaster and the Descent of the Drow. The Dark Disaster utterly destroyed the forest realm of Miyeritar, leaving the blasted plains that are now the High Moor. Perhaps due to the savagery of the Crown Wars or other factors long lost to time, the dark elves become corrupt during this era, broke away from their kinfolk, and after much warfare and cruelty they descended beneath the world's surface to become the deep elves, also known as the drow. »

  • -2482 DR
  • Netherese wizards of House Orogoth build a fortified villa in the southern reaches of the High Moor, near the northern edge of the Serpent Hills. Several generations of Orogoths sought the power of Faerun's wyrms, and legend has it that some eventually obtained it - at least after a fashion. »

  • 34 DR [Year of Purloined Power]
  • A Talfirian bard named Verraketh Talember discovers the Shadowstar, a mysterious artifact that fell like a shooting star into the High Moor. While the artifact slowly transformed him into the Shadowking, Verraketh gathered an army of shadow-spinners and began forcibly assimilating the Netherese and Talfirian realms of the Chionthar River Valley into the empire of Ebenfar. »

  • 342 DR [Year of the Cantobele Stalking]
  • Athalantar falls to an orc horde from the High Moor. The orcs are in turn destroyed by an unlikely alliance of moon elves from Ardeep and dwarves from Dardath. The last Council of Illefarn is called, and the long-fragmented elf realm of Illefarn is officially dissolved with the remaining wood elves of Illiyanbruen and many wood elves from Rilithar departing for Evermeet. Ardeep and Dardath formally ally and look to create further alliances with the humans of the region. »

  • 376 DR [Year of the Leaping Hare]
  • After thirty-five years of expansion under King Ashar, Valashar (and the Shoon Empire) stretches as far north as the Troll Mountains and the High Moor by summer. Responding to the claim of northern lands by King Ashar and the expansion toward Cormyr's western border, Crown Prince Azoun I mounts a bold campaign that swiftly crushes Valashar's armies on the Fields of the Dead and drives the Shoonite forces back through Amn, Tethyr and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and other garrisons along the way. The Shoon Empire's borders shrink back to the Giant's Run Mountains, and Lord Tornamn is exacuted. »

  • 523 DR [Year of Trials Arcane]
  • Nejizar, the new dark naga, establishes rule over the serpentfolk thanks in large part to its alliance with a dozen spirit naga. By this time, however, the Tricrowned Kingdom of Phalorm has claimed the High Moor and begun constructing a chain of fortresses along the western border of the Serpent Hills. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • The Twisted Rune has become the most powerful organization in southwestern Faerûn, with agents in every country south of the High Moor and west of the Storm Horn Mountains. »

  • 1090 DR [Year of Slaughter]
  • Battle of the Bones
    A horde of 200,000 goblins and orcs arises form the the High Moors due to extreme drought and attempts an invasion of the North. The Battle of the Bones marks the spot of the great battle that destroys the horde. »

  • 1363 DR [Year of the Wyvern]
  • The Second Dragonspear War
    Baatezu entering Toril through portals in Dragonspear Castle assemble an army of ogres, hobgoblins, orcs, bugbears, goblins, and kobolds bolstered by a black dragon. These "Hordes of Dragonspear" overwhelm and destroy the Way Inn (near the High Moor) and then attack Daggerford, but are defeated by a hastily assembled force of dwarves, elves from the Misty Forest, paladins of Ilmater, mercenaries, local militia, and a troop of the City Guard of Waterdeep. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Something begins driving the trolls of the High Moor out of the moors. Travel around the High Moors becomes dangerous (particularly around Nesme) as the trolls begin roaming around the boundaries of the High Moor. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • It is discovered that giants are driving the trolls out of the High Moor area. Cloud, fog, frost and hill giants are reported. Some are friendly, but most are not (especially the group of giants sent by Gerti Orelsdottr, daughter of the leader of the largest frost giant clans of the Spine of the World Mountains. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Lhammaruntosz "The Claws of the Coast" (female very old bronze dragon), who has two lairs: a bowl-valley amid the heights of Orlumbor (her primary lair) and a hidden hoard-lair in the interior of the High Moor, succumbs to madness and unleashes a devastating series of attacks on pirate lairs and ships throughout the Nelanther Isles. She leaves the pirate port of Skaug a smoking ruin and sinks at least a dozen pirate ships, both at mooring and at sea. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Feast of the Moon Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun brings together many powerful mages in order to restore the denizens of the lost city of Miyeritaar's High Mages and cleanse part of the High Moor. In order to make the magic permanent, he and the Grand mage Ualair the Silent sacrifice themselves to create Rhymanthiin, the Hidden City of Hope.

    Laurel Silverhand Arunsun is pregnant with Khelben's twin children.

    After his death, Khelben's spirit remained in Blackstaff Tower to guide and advise future Blackstaffs.

    Tsarra Chaadren, the half-elf sorceress becomes the second Blackstaff. In public, she wears a magical illusion to make herself look like Khelben. »