• The Late period of Imaskar
  • -3920 DR to -2488 DR
    The reunification of Lower and Upper Imaskar under the strong hand of Lord Artificer Omanond, and the restoration Inupras as the sole capital of Imaskar marked the start of this period.

    It is during this period that the archwizards Madryoch and Hilather rose to power. Three millennia before the Netherese discover the Plane of Shadow, Madryoch the Ebon Flame was busy cataloging its dark secrets. It was there that Madryoch crafted the Shadow Stone and set in motion his plan to overthrow Omanond and seize control of Imaskar. Fortunately for the empire, the young prodigy Hilather confronted Madryoch in the frontier fortress of Metos and ultimately trapped the shadow lord in the Plane of Imprisonment. »

  • -2488 DR
  • Lord Hilather, one of the last Imaskari artificers, escapes the fall of Imaskar by entering into a temporal stasis vault in a secret military stronghold deep beneath the western mountains (present-day Giant's Belt Mountains). »

  • 128 DR [Year of the Addled Arcanist]
  • The Raurinese wizard Hilather, after millennia trapped in temporal stasis, begins to explore Faerun. He is hired by the Imperial Court to develop a more secure means of binding fiends to the will of their summoners. He establishes himself in an abandoned tower in the remote emirates of Torsil, which lies along the Sword Coast between the Cloud Peaks and Candlekeep. »

  • 132 DR [Year of Thirteen Prides Lost]
  • Hilather presents thirteen Demonshields to Qysar Ahahl Shoon IV and then vanishes. »

  • 150 DR [Year of the Lost Library]
  • The wyrmling blue dragon Iryklathagra plunders Hilather's abandoned tower in the emirate of Torsil. »

  • 168 DR [Year of Scattered Stars]
  • A wizard of unknown ancestry calling himself Halaster Blackcloak later identified as the Raurinese wizard Hilather builds a tower (using summoned demons and other outsiders) and a fortified ramparts in the middle of the Deepwater Plateau, to the north and west of the burgeoning farms along the harbor shore in Waterdeep. The tower is called Halaster's Hold. He is accompanied by his apprentices (which included Arcturia). He begins exploration of the Underhalls of the Melairkyn and claims the delvings for himself.

    Halaster discovers the remnants of the Sargauth Enclave, and recognizing the danger posed by the future Skulls of Skullport, retreats from their area and forbids his apprentices from investigating the area. »

  • 1026 DR [Year of Crimson Magics]
  • The mage Ulcaster, a conjurer of note, establishes a school of conjuration on the ruins of Hilather's tower that attracts would-be mages from up and down the Sword Coast. »