• 673 DR [Year of the Covenant]
  • The fledgling town of Hillsafar, named in honor of the dwarf clan of the same name, is founded by elves, half-elves, and humans on the western shore of Tailings Bay to trade with the dwarves of the Scarp. Some found this settlement to both keep drow out of the area and maintain some vigilance over Moander's Crypt. Within a few decades, the town's name is corrupted and shortened to Hillsfar.

    Many of Myth Drannor's less-established craftsman migrates to this city in search of new opportunities. »

  • 679 DR [Year of the Scarlet Sash]
  • Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the tagled, treacherous Beast Marches to the west. The Akh'Velahr reinforcements of Cormanthyr succeed in dispersing the beasts by the first snowfall of winter. A small garrison of troops remains stationed in Hillsafar for the protection of the northern forest and villages until Myth Drannor's Fall (711 DR) »

  • 680 DR [Year of the Long March]
  • Many human and dwarf stonemasons migrate from Myth Drannor to Hillsafar to aid that fledgling city in constructing its first encircling defensive wall. »

  • 1276 DR [Year of the Crumbling Keep]
  • The powers at Zhentil Keep meet with representatives of the other Moonsea cities and suggest that a joint force man the Citadel of the Raven. The cities of Hillsfar, Phlan, Mulmaster, Voonlar, Melvaunt, Thentia, Sulasspryn, Yulash, and Zhentil Keep send forces to repair and occupy the citadel. Some of these cities use criminals, prisoners, and malcontents to make up their forces.

    In a plot to increase the number of Zhentish troops posted at the Citadel of the Raven, Zhentil Keep grants Yulash "independence" (but secretly still maintains control). The troops sent by Yulash are actually Zhentish troops. »

  • 1297 DR [Year of the Singing Skull]
  • The nobles of Yulash begin a bitter quarrel for the lordship of the city. Although Zhentil Keep still rules Yulash, the internal bickering is an unexpected threat to Zhentarim's security. Yulash's status as a free city prevents the Zhents from sending large numbers of troops.

    The Zhents back certain noble families, especially those that could be easily manipulated. Hillsfar does likewise in opposition to Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1306 DR [Year of Thunder]
  • Moonsea War: Hulburg and Sulasspryn are defeated by Mulmaster. Mulmaster is later vanquished by an alliance between Sembia, Phlan, Hillsfar, Melvaunt, and Zhentil Keep. »

  • 1337 DR [Year of the Wandering Maiden]
  • The nobles of Yulash abolish the lordship and instead rule by council. This does little more than crystallize the factions supported by Zhentil Keep and those supported by Hillsfar, and does little more than weaken the new council. The city's security slowly crumbles as the council descends into petty bickering and political backstabbing. »

  • A group of thieves uses the Round Book (an artifact of Milil) in an inn near Amnwater. One of the members remained in their room, singing, with the Book open so that it would play a song. The thieves used the music from the Book as an alibi, claiming that they were in the room all along, playing various instruments to create the music. The thieves are caught and killed on the spot by the unchartered adventurers known as Talandusar's Tusks. Talandusar takes the Book and his fellow companions and heads north and east out of Amn, into the wilderlands and brigandry. Although Talandusar is much later seen in both Hillsfar and Mulmaster, he does not have the Book or his companions. »

  • 1354 DR [Year of the Bow]
  • Maalthiir becomes the ruler of Hillsfar. »

  • 1355 DR [Year of the Harp]
  • Civil war breaks out in Yulash. Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar move troops to Yulash, Zhentil Keep claiming to offer the city protectorate status during the emergency, Hillsfar claiming that the Yulash resistence had asked for their aid.

    There is some speculation that Zhentil Keep used the city's unrest as an excuse to move in troops and trigger the war. If so, they grossly miscalculated Hillsfar's response. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Kythorn Another great flight of dragons raid the Dalelands and the surrounding area. Maddened dragons from the Great Gray Land of Thar attack Phlan and Yulash, they are reduced to rubble.

    Zhentil Keep is heavily damaged and Arabel, Hillsfar, and Suzail fight off powerful dragons.

    Sylune Silverhand, (who was living in Shadowdale at the time) defeated three dragon (one red) by breaking a staff of the magi in a retribution strike, Sylune also dies.

    Silverymoon is spared when a wave of dragons is diverted away. However, the city is in morning with Lady Alustriel Silverhand (Sylune's sister).

    The Cult of the Dragon claims responsibility, but the true cause remains a mystery. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Maalthiir overthrows the council of Hillsfar and assumes control of the city. »

  • Marpenoth After a particularly vicious battle between the forces of Hillsfar and Zhentil Keep, the Hillsfar faction, led by Maalthir, wins control of Yulash. Zhent forces begin massing in Voonlar to strike back, and preparing for war in Zhentil Keep itself.

    Zhentil Keep's grip on the cities of the Moonsea was expected to loosen as the Zhents become distracted by warfare further south. »

  • Uktar The Zhentilar retake Yulash with an inferior number of troops supported by powerful magic. The troops form Hillsfar retreat form the city, allowing the Zhents time to reinforce the devastated city's defenses. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • The Zhentilar forces in Yulash have been cut back and Maalthiir, ruler of Hillsfar proclaims the city under Hillsfarian control. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • A secret alliance is exposed between Hillsfar and Sembia. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Tarsakh 29 Word spreads through the Caravan Cities that the Merchant's League is sponsoring a large caravan that will ferry steel weapons and armor from Baldur's Gate to Hillsfar. The size and nature of the caravan, coupled with widespread rumormongering, make it clear that the caravan is meant as a deliberate provocation to the Iron Throne. »

  • Kythorn 4 House Dlardrageth establishes an alliance with Hillsfar and Sembia. Hillsfar (Maalthiir) begins mustering an army to send south down the Moonsea Ride to Mistledale and Battledale. Sembia recruits a mercenary army to send north along Rauthauvy's Road through Featherdale and Tasseldale. »

  • Kythorn 12 Hillsfar (Maalthiir) allies with Zhentil Keep. The Black Network agrees to invade Daggerdale and Shadowdale. »

  • Kythorn 21 Hillsfar (Maalthiir) reneges on its alliance with House Dlardrageth by refusing to march his forces against Shadowdale. »

  • Kythorn 25 In Arabel, Dabron Sashenstar publicly proclaims, "In the name of the Merchant's League and House Sashenstar, I declare that the Iron Throne is sundered". He also rejects the Zhentarim bid for control of the weapons trade, saying, "I'll grant that the scepter and the fist are instruments of tyranny, but the keen edge of a sharp blade is as much an instrument of freedom as it is the heavy boot of tyranny". Given the ongoing hostilities beneath the boughs of Cormanthor, Dabron decides to take advantage of the unexpected situation and sell his wares in Arabel. The master of House Sashenstar begins entertaining bids from quartermasters working on behalf of the armies of Hillsfar, Sembia, Zhentil Keep, and Seiveril's Crusade. »