• 460 DR [Year of Scorching Suns]
  • Birth of the Red Dragon Hoondarrh, somewhere in the easter Sword Coast North. He was the first hatchling of his brood. Due to a quarrel between his parents, one of Hoondarrh's brood-mates was killed, and another injured. Hoodarrh salys and devours his brood-mates.

    He soon grows bold enough to challenge his remaining parent, but is forced to flee for his life into the northernmost Sword Coast. »

  • 600 DR [Year of Fire and Frost]
  • Hoondarrh attacks a human expedition struggling in the Spine of the World and devours everyone, including the wizard Tharilim of Calimport, who was in possesion of the Ongild, which becomes lodged in his innards. Hoondarrh finds that he can activate it's magic.

    With this new magical power, Hoondarrh goes to challenge his surviving parent and is victorious. »

  • 884 DR [Year of the Singing Arrows]
  • The Red Dragon Skadaurak, awakens from his magically induced stasis sleep brought about by the Saldrinur's Slow Gem (which allows it's user to enter a stasis sleep for as long as desired). Skadaurak sets out from his lair (located in the mountain range that bears the dragons name) in search of food and is attacked by Hoondarrh. While Hoondarrh was the younger, he defeats Skadaurak and takes his lair, including the Saldrinur's Slow Gem. »

  • 896 DR [Year of the Empty Hand]
  • The Red Dragon Hoondarrh arrives in Mintarn and offers them protection in exchange for tribute (1 gold piece per citizen per year). The citizens of Mintarn accept, and are surprised when Hoondarrh offers the crew of the first tribute ship to stop by his other isle and take not more than 2 cows each. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 9 The ancient red dragon Hoondarrh, “The Red Rage of Mintarn”, emerges from his subterranean lair beneath the isle of Skadaurak and flies west toward the Moonshaes. In a rage befitting his name, the Red Rage vents his fury on the city of Callidyrr, setting much of the city ablaze. »

  • Mirtul 11 A circle of powerful druids led by Robyn Kendrick teleport to Callidyrr and drive Hoondarrh off. The damage left in the wyrm’s wake will take years to rebuild. »

  • Mirtul 12 In his flight from Callidyrr, Hoondarrh temporarily shakes off the effects of the Rage and retreats to his lair beneath Skadaurak. There he begins preparations for the casting of a spell that will ensure his immortality and protect him from future madness. »

  • Mirtul 14 Hoondarrh completes the ritual and transforms himself into a ghostly dragon. Free from the effects of the Rage, the Red Rage plots against the Moonshaes. »