• -2489 DR
  • Arrival of the God-Kings
    The deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending powerful avatars, known as manifestations, of themselves through the endless void of space to Toril, led by the ancient deity Ptah. Upon arriving on Faerun, they further divide their remaining divine essences and create lesser, mortal forms of avatars, known as incarnations. These incarnations descend into the fertile plains of Imaskar and go among their people. The most talented they make priests, and the truly faithful are transformed into divine minions. The Imaskari slaves then revolt against their masters. »

  • -2488 DR
  • Horus slays Lord Artificer Yuvaraj, Emperor of Imaskar. Inupras falls, marking the end of the Imaskar Empire. The devastation wrought in the empire's fall turns the site into the Raurin Desert. »

  • -1048 DR
  • Isis resurrects Osiris. Horus-Re battles Set and becomes chief of the Mulhorandi pantheon. The First Mulhorand Empire ends. »

  • -623 DR [Year of Clipped Wings]
  • Having allied himself with Eltab, serving as the Hidden Layer's emissary to Faerun for several centuries, Wendonai is summoned by a Nar Demonbinder, but is soon banished by an incredibly powerful cleric of Horus-Re for 2000 years. »