• -3830 DR
  • The Eaerlanni elves initiate a formal dialogue with humans of Netheril and begin instructing promising Netherese students in the Art. Netheril's first arcanist (wizard) is Therion of Gers. »

  • Age of Humanity
  • -3000 DR to 1358 DR
    With the elf and dwarf empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The Mighty human empires of Calimshan, Mulhorand, and Unther arise during this era, as well as the now lost empires of Nethril, Jhaamdath, Narfell, and Raumathar.

    Towards the end of this era is a time of exploration and discovery, when new continents are discovered in the west (such as Maztica) and trade is reestablished with the east (Kara-Tur). The Great Glacier retreats, uncovering the realms of Vaasa and Damara. »

  • c. -3000 DR
  • Illuskan humans of Ruathym found the settlement of Illusk at the mouth of the River Mirar and displace local Ice Hunter tribes. »

  • -420 DR [Year of Manacles]
  • Orlathaun Orgolath, (assumed human son of Nardrad Orgolath) is born in Narfell. »