• 1224 DR [Year of the Swollen Stars]
  • Ilione Olosynne, daughter of Ulae is born in Aglarond. »

  • 1246 DR [Year of Burning Steel]
  • The Simbul becomes the "apprentice" to Ilione of Aglarond (although the Simbul is already greater at the art then her "master"). »

  • 1261 DR [Year of Bright Dreams]
  • Ilione Olosynne becomes the third Mage-Queen (after Thara and Ulae) of Aglarond when her brother Halacar is assassinated (by poisoning) by agents of Thay. »

  • 1295 DR [Year of the Ormserpent]
  • Prince Thaum (who is the son of Kuskur Heltharn, regent of Impiltur and Elthinda Balindre, daughter of Telflamm's merchant king) gathers a mercenary army (using coins from Telflamm's treasury he took from the doddering merchant-king) and sacks the city of Sarshel. He then marches on the Tower of Filur and seizes the throne of Impiltur.

    Regent Kuskur and the young King Rilimbrar flee into exile. Kuskur requests aid from Queen Ilione of Aglarond, who sends her mysterious apprentice, known only as the Simbul, to dispatch Thaum. With Thaum dead, his son Imphras (later Imphras IV) attempts to hold the throne.

    Imphras IV is now or at some point comes under the influence of the Queen of Whispers, the succubus Soneillon. »

  • 1320 DR [Year of the Watching Cold]
  • Ilione Olosynne, the last member of Aglarond's royal line, dies of plague. She leaves no child but names her apprentice, the Simbul as her heir. »