• 1164 DR [Year of Long Shadows]
  • Immursk the Invincible, greatest of the Inner Sea pirates, begins his piracy career. He raids a merchant ship of Procampur, capturing the fabulous crown intended for use in crowning Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I Obarskyr. This even marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea. The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. »

  • 1201 DR [Year of Embers]
  • Death of Immursk the Invincible (pirate) aboard his ship, Sea Scorpian, while fighting a Sembian warship. By this time, the pirate fleets of the Inner Sea is judged to have over 100 ships. »

  • 1294 DR [Year of the Deep Moon]
  • Soon after his famous pirate attack on Sembia, Thevren is poisoned by Thilana, her mistress (who was the mistress of Methlas before Thevren had murdered him). Thilana assumes leadership of the pirates, but she does not captain any ship.

    Thilana resumes Methlas' plan, reviving Immursk's system of informants in the various coastal cities of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Using these informants, she strikes out against easy targets, and those ships that are unable to retaliate. A ship here and a small convoy there soon leads to an extensive hoard. »