• 1037 DR [Year of the Immortals]
  • Birth of Indrila Demaz, daughter and sole heir of Hallarn II in Velprin. »

  • 1058 DR [Year of the Spider's Daughter]
  • Indrila Demaz becomes Queen of Velprin with the death of her father Hallarn II. Under the influence of her high council, she marshals an army to invade the Yuirwood. »

  • 1059 DR [Year of the Broken Pillar]
  • Indrila's army (of Velprin) destroys a hastily mustered militia of half-elves and drives the Yuir deep into the forest. Brindor Olosynne, the war leader of the Yuir, retreats and begins to build up his own forces. »

  • 1065 DR [Year of the Watching Wood]
  • Battle of Ingdal's Arm
    The Yuir half-elves defeat Queen Indrila Demaz's army to the last soldier. The half-elves dictate peace to the surviving settlements of Velprin, forging the new nation of Aglarond. The half-elf Brindor Olosynne is elected Aglarond's first king. Thus begins the Olosynne Dynasty of Agalrond. »