• 191 DR [Year of the Broken Lands]
  • The realm of Yarlith is formed north of Uthtower and south of Eigersstor to prevent dynastic squabbling between the twin heirs (Uth II, and Ornoth II) of Ornoth Myrmoran to the thrown of Uthtower.

    Iniarv creates the Twinned Crown of Yarlith »

  • 615 DR [Year of the Lamia's Kiss]
  • In response to Uthtower's call for aid, the lich Iniarv floods the land, drowning the armies of Uthtower, Phalorm, and the orcs and forming the Mere of Dead Men. The orcs flee into the Sword Mountains, and Phalorm (the Fallen Kingdom, as it comes to be known) collapse when its Fair Folk abandon Faerun for Evermeet. Ardeep remains an elf realm in name only. »

  • 1315 DR [Year of Spilled Blood]
  • The Company of the Howling Wolf kills the archmage Iniarv. »