• c. -31000 DR
  • End of the Batrachi and Giants War
    The conflict between the Batrachi and the giants of Ostoria comes to an abrupt end when the ice moon Zotha falls from the sky devastating much of the lands within central Merrouroboros. A large fragment of the moon carves a gorge so deep between the four Inner Seas, they merge together to form the Sea of Fallen Stars, an event the sarrukhs remark on as a "changing of the stars". Severe earthquakes rocked the region for weeks afterwards. The crystalline batrachi cities, though reinforced by magic, were unable to withstand the incessant aftershocks. Within a year, the Batrachi Empire had fallen into ruin.

    The impact of the moon threw up a thick cloud of dust into the atmosphere obscuring the sun for seven years. Without the sun, plant-life began to die out across the land, soon followed by the herbivores and finally the carnivores. Only those peoples possessing great magic or divine protection survived the mass extinction. »

  • The First Epoch of Seros
  • c. -29000 DR to -14000 DR
    The First Epoch (Time of Beginnings) in Seros (the Inner Sea). All the races currently living under the Sea of Fallen Stars take to the waters during this period, which only the whales have much knowledge of . This Epoch ends with the elven migration into Seros, and their rise to power. »

  • -16900 DR
  • Numerous elves abandon the surface realms of Eiellur and Syorpiir (present-day Chondalwood and the Land of the Lions) during the War of Three Leaves (which also included Thearnytaar) to settle in the Selmal Basin (near the Vilhon Reach) of the Sea of Fallen Stars. This migration continues for several millennia. »

  • The Second Epoch of Seros
  • -14000 DR to -215 DR
    Time of the elves in Seros (the Inner Sea). The Second Epoch officially begins with the building of the undersea capital of Aryselmalyr, and ends with forty years of war between the sea elves and other undersea races. It is also during this Epoch that the first land dwellers began exploration of the waters (wizards of Netheril), the initial migration of shalarin into the Inner Sea, and the trapping of the sahuagin behind the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • -11400 DR
  • With the start of the Sable Wars and the fall of Eiellur (coupled with the Crown Wars), a sudden influx of elves entering the Inner Sea forcing the elves out into deeper seas and away from the coastal waters. This ignites the first major conflicts with merfolk and sahuagin. »

  • -11003 DR
  • Rise of the Aryselmalyr Empire
    Coryselmal, the grandest of the sea elf cities of Selmyr (an elven kingdom of the Selmal Basin), becomes the capital of the Aryselmalyr Empire over all the elf kingdoms of the Inner Sea.

    The Aryselmalyr calendar marks Year 1. »

  • -8000 DR
  • All sahuagin settlements in the Inner Sea (Seros) lying west of the Sharksbane Wall are destroyed by this time. »

  • c. -2300 DR
  • Early boats sail the surface of the Inner Sea around the southern Alamber. Easily attacked and sunk by sahuagin, these boats are small and usable only for coastal fishing, not exploration. Raurinese refugees continue their expansions overland. »

  • c. -1400 DR
  • First crude ships sail the open waters of the Inner Sea, as Unther expands across the Alamber. These ships are the standard for sea travel for the next two millennia. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • A huge whirlpool is created from the surface of the Inner Sea down to the mythal at Myth Nantar in Seros, destroying many buildings and dragging surface ships to watery graves. The Netherese enclaves of Nhalloth and Sakkors crash into the Inner Sea, coming to rest from forty to 300 feet beneath the sea's surface. »

  • -276 DR [Year of Overflowing Casks]
  • A bloody coup in Jhaamdath replaces the psiocracy of bladelords with a militant emperor, who commands the building of a great navy on the Inner Sea. »

  • 12 DR [Year of Wistful Looks]
  • Rise of the Triton Protectorate of Vuuvax beneath the waters of the Inner Sea. »

  • c. 600 DR
  • Modern ships sail the surface of Seros from many ports, allowing safer sea travel at last. Numerous powers in Faerun establish major trade lanes across the sea, though the majority of sea traffic remains within sight of land. »

  • 642 DR [Year of the Sifting Sands]
  • Bellodar III "the Sage King" Durlarven becomes king of Impiltur with the death of his father Bellodar II. Bellodar III's three sisters marry paladin brothers from lands across the Inner Sea. »

  • Start of the Tenth Seros War
  • 709 DR to 750 DR
    This is the start of more than seven separate civil wars that tear apart Hmurrath, pitting nearly all the races against each other, with conflicts between all races living in the Inner Sea. »

  • The Eleventh Seros War
  • 936 DR to 942 DR
    The three sea elf kingdoms of Seros unite under the wizard Nyratiis and try to use magic to reconquer the Inner Sea. »

  • 997 DR [Year of the Fearful Harper]
  • The Scepter of Mystra if discovered by merfolk and sold to a Calishite merchant, who then sells it in a bazaar in Schamedar. Its purchaser, Kloroth of the Seven Curses, discovers another power of the Scepter. An arcane worshiper of Mystra or a priest of Mystra can cast spells that are beyond his ability while holding the Scepter. Kloroth uses it to create a series of permanent gates in an attempt to create a fast trade network between the Sword Coast (Waterdeep in particular) and the Inner Sea lands (Sembia). However, the Scepter had another ability that got in the way of Kloroth's plans. If the permanency spell is used in conjunction with the other ability that Kloroth discovered, the Scepter permanently polymorphs the user randomly. Kloroth thus acquired an eight curse, this one personal (the other seven had been spells he had cast on opponents). Kloroth was changed into a shrieker mushroom in a dark street in Selgaunt.

    The Scepter changes hands six times that night. Dawn finds the last one to claim the Scepter to be an older and wiser Naerlus "Flamespell" Anarthandyer, who had been forced to flee the Sword Coast when he had lost the Scepter the first time and found himself facing many roused foes. After slaying the previous owner with spells that caused his arms to change into tentacles, Naerlus flees through Klauth's gate, and finds himself in Skullport. A mind flayer promptly slays Naerlus and flees into Undermountain with the Scepter. The illithid is in turn slain by drow, who then gets lost in Undermountains labyrinth, and dies. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Rage of Dragons: A Rage of Dragons devastates the Heartlands, the lands around the Shining Sea, and the western and southern coasts of the Inner Sea. »

  • 1142 DR [Year of the Sword's Oath]
  • Several pirates, including the notorious Redsail, scourge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, retire to Aglarond, bringing with them much wealth. They carouse and forcibly "broaden" local society, but also invest widely and covertly in local merchant shipping, business, and property, shifting mercantile dominance of Inner Sea trade away from southern coastal lands. »

  • 1164 DR [Year of Long Shadows]
  • Immursk the Invincible, greatest of the Inner Sea pirates, begins his piracy career. He raids a merchant ship of Procampur, capturing the fabulous crown intended for use in crowning Cormyr's new king, Palaghard I Obarskyr. This even marks the rise of piracy in the Inner Sea. The nations of the Inner Sea begin building their own warships, seeking to defend their merchant fleets and hunt the pirates in their own lairs. »

  • 1201 DR [Year of Embers]
  • Death of Immursk the Invincible (pirate) aboard his ship, Sea Scorpian, while fighting a Sembian warship. By this time, the pirate fleets of the Inner Sea is judged to have over 100 ships. »