• c. -25000 DR
  • First mentions of Ironfang Keep, a stronghold built on the cliffs of the White River overlooking the Dragons' Sea (modern-day Moonsea) appear in draconic legends. »

  • -981 DR
  • Haask, a monstrous greathorn minotaur and one of the Seven Lost Gods, conquers Ironfang Keep and declares himself priest-king of the land of Grong-Haap. »

  • -350 DR [Year of Craven Words]
  • Hassk summons the elder evil, Hargut of the Gray Pestilence, to combat a goblinoid horde. Hargut slays tens of thousands of goblins, consigning their souls to the Barrens of Doom and Despair.

    While Hargut was busy, three humans who would come to be known as the Dead Three, attacks and nearly slays Haask, revealing his true form as a doppleganger of the elder batrachi race. As Haask lay dying, the Dead Three persuade him to agree to a ritual that binds him and Hargut together as one entity under the command of the three. Hargut agrees and together they become Haask, Voice of Hargut, a fell entity bound to the Ironfang Keep and who would create many abominations and chimeric creatures. »

  • 931 DR [Year of the Penitent Rogue]
  • The silver dragon Sylvallitharm's (who had not been seen since Hammer 12 712 DR) remains are found in the Galena Mountains east of Ironfang Keep. His death apparently caused by the claws of a great wyrm. »

  • 1220 DR [Year of the Toppled Tree]
  • The Turmish warlord Sjorn Sendreth starts a 20-year campaign against the dwarves of the Alaoreum by attacking Ironfang Keep. »

  • 1241 DR [Year of the Lost Lady]
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreum collapse a mountain atop their underground city, Ironfang, cutting it off from the surface world and ending their war with Turmish. »

  • 1288 DR [Year of the Roaring Horn]
  • Mulmaster sends an expeditionary force to Ironfang Keep.
    Many gnolls attack the surrounding area. »

  • 1297 DR [Year of the Singing Skull]
  • The dwarves of the Alaoreum and the city of Ironfang emerges from its self-imposed exile. onto the surface. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Uktar Mongo, Blood of Ghellin gains access to Ironfang Keep and meets it inhabitants. He is next seen, beaten, at the Dragon's Jaws tavern in Suzail. He claims Ironfang is full of fiends who chant the names of those who are about to die in an effort to prevent the world from ending. Delirious, he is put to bed but the next morning, his remains are splattered about his room though there is no evidence of violence. »